How To Prepare Yourself For An Amazing Photo Session With Your Dog

A photo session with your dog is a great bonding experience. As a bonus are all the gorgeous pictures to post on social media to show everyone and make them jealous.

Here is what to do to prepare yourself for this amazing photo session.

Find The Right Accessories

How To Prepare Yourself For An Amazing Photo Session With Your Dog

It’s a photo session, so appearance is everything. In preparation for the photo shoot, and if you want the pictures to turn out great, you should explore clothing and accessories options that are suitable for both you and your dog.

An important consideration is a comfort. Depending on the temperament of your dog there’ll be a lot of running around so the simpler the accessory the better. This is why bandanas are such a great idea. It works for both you and your dog as the perfect accessory! Remember to buy bulk bandanas for both of you so there’s plenty of options to choose from. You don’t want to buy one color and be stuck when it turns out it blends in with the set.

Other accessories you can buy are a new collar for your dog, matching glasses, hats, and fun costumes.

What Should You Wear?

Deciding what to wear for a photo session with your dog can be tricky. Even if the photoshoot is primarily for the benefit of your dog you’ll still want to get a few candids in with them.

Here’s what to do:

Hair And Makeup

This might not be the time for a full face of makeup and an elaborate hairstyle. Instead, keep things simple by styling the way you do on a regular day after washing your hair.

For men, it’s often advised to get your hair trimmed a week or so before the photoshoot.


Don’t overlook your shoes and wear ones you wouldn’t want to see in a picture. Remember that almost all the pictures would be captured at dog level, so your shoes will certainly make an appearance.

Wear a pair that are nice and ideally colorful, while keeping in mind that they must also be comfortable because you’ll be in them all day. Preferably, bring a pair especially for the shoot different from your walking shoes.


Any discomfort will translate into a bad picture and this is why it’s always best to wear clothes you enjoy wearing. If you like dresses, wear a dress. If you’re more into jeanswear those. For men, stick with jeans and a nice shirt.

Avoid t-shirts with large logos, neon/fluorescent or bright colors, and an outfit the same color as your dog (ie. white with a white dog)

Remain Calm

It’s perfectly normal to be anxious about the photo session. You may be plagued by questions about how to pose, whether your dog will be well behaved or whether they’ll be disruptive and hard to work with if you picked the right accessories that will read well on camera. To calm yourself down, there are some simple practices. For example:

  • Sleep early the night before the shoot. A good night’s sleep does wonders for nerves
  • On the morning of the photo session be sure to eat a full, healthy breakfast. Skipping breakfast can mean being crabby
  • Exercise is a proven mood elevator. The endorphins released after a good workout will get rid of any anxiety. Go for a walk with the dog before the session to release tensions for both of you. But beware not to tire out your dog for the photoshoot
  • Talk to friends, family, or people you know who have experience with photo sessions with their pets. Knowing what to expect by talking to others will help you remain calm

Remaining calm is important because your dog will sense your anxiety and this nervous energy will be transmitted to them. Try to be strong and excited for your dog’s sake.

Pack Treats In Your Bag

It’s recommended by photographers that you don’t feed your dog before the shoot. If you must, only give them a light meal. As explained this is because if your dog is hungry they’re more likely to be alert and willing to focus. Feeding your dog will make them dull, lethargic, and only wanting to curl up for a nap.

Plus, this way your dog will be more susceptible to treats as bribes for good behavior. This is why you must stock up on all their favorite dog treats before the photo session to reward them for being a good model.

Also in your bag should be:

  • Water for both of you
  • Travel bowl or dog water bottle
  • Poop bags
  • Blanket or roll-up bed for when you both need a break during the session
  • Snacks for you

A photo session with your dog is exciting! It can also be amazing if you prepare properly by picking the right clothes, accessories, and preparing your dog for a day of fun pictures.

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