How to Repair Chipped Granite Countertop Edge

Granite Countertop Edge

Granite is one of the best materials in the market for countertops because it is affordable and durable. It is stain and heat-resistant, which means it is the perfect option for a busy household where the kitchen is the main room. Even though granite has all these incredible features and is versatile, over time, homeowners might find a chip. But, don’t worry, below, we will teach you how to repair a chipped granite countertop edge.

First, don’t panic. Having a chip in the granite countertop doesn’t mean that the surface is low quality. Remember that even the toughest material is not indestructible. Also, even when you can call professionals to solve this issue, there are other alternatives. Doing this DIY will save you some money, and the best part is that it doesn’t take a long time.

Learning how to repair a granite countertop is quite easy, and homeowners will only need to purchase a repair kit. In case the surface is too damaged, try out another great alternative in the market, such as quartz. To learn more about this option, visit this site.

How to repair chipped granite countertop edge: Step-by-step

Before we begin, it’s vital to gather all the materials. In this regard, we will need an ammonia-based cleaner, masking tape, clear epoxy, hardener spray, and a razor. All these elements are easy to purchase at the local hardware store. But, some companies sell these types of repair kits.

  1. Clear the area

The first step on our how to repair granite countertop guide is clearing the area. Homeowners might want to remove all the decor elements, appliances and dishes. Also, make sure to wipe off the area once it is empty. It is not necessary, at this moment, to do some thorough cleaning, since that is what we will do next.

  1. Cleaning the countertop

In case it is impossible to find an ammonia-based cleaner, homeowners can use warm water and soap. It is crucial to ensure that the area is completely dry before moving forward. Even though the two methods mentioned work well, it is better to use a cleaner designed for granite countertops. For instance, the AGM cleaner is ideal since it has a small amount of sealer.

Keep in mind that it is not a good idea to use any abrasive liquids. Otherwise, these cleaners could damage the countertop.

  1. Marking the area

If this is the first-time homeowners are learning how to repair chipped granite countertop edge, it is crucial not to skip this step. Take the masking tape and place it surrounding the area that is chipped. Create a circular area if possible, and don’t be afraid to use more masking tape if needed.

Marking the area is vital because it will help homeowners focus only on the part that is damaged. Furthermore, the result will be more exact, and there won’t be any chances that the epoxy sticks to another part of the surface.

  1. Applying the epoxy

This is the most crucial step of the whole process, so it is vital to take your time. Here is a piece of advice; it is better to read the full how-to repair a granite countertop guide before beginning. Remember that the epoxy should be clear to match your countertop style. The good thing about all granite countertops is that all of them are unique and have different design variations. That’s why once the edge is repaired, nobody is going to know that it was ever broken.

Now, fill the chip with the clear epoxy, and make sure not to touch it after. Let it rest to get better results.

  1. Spray the hardener

Once the epoxy is applied over the chipped edge, it’s time to apply the hardener spray. From all the steps included in this guide about how to repair a chip in a granite countertop edge, this is the one that you can’t skip. The spray is what will allow the epoxy to set properly over the countertop and make sure that the repair holds.

Even though you could wipe the excess right away, wait at least two minutes. Then take a cloth and clean the surrounding area. In case homeowners use masking tape, there are chances that they won’t have to clean at all.

  1. Smooth out the edge

After the spray is completely dry, we can now use the razor and smooth out the edge. This is a process that needs to be done carefully. Otherwise, homeowners could end up damaging their countertop again. First, remove the masking tape from the surrounding area and take the razor blade following a 45-degree angle. Repeat this step until the chipped part matches the texture of the granite.

As an extra step, some people like to take a ball of steel wool and use it to make the area look smooth. Plus, it gives it a shiny finish.

That’s it, our how to repair a chip in granite countertop edge is complete. But, as an extra gift, we are going to give you some maintenance tips for your granite countertop.

Maintaining a granite countertop

To preserve the quality of a granite countertop, it is important to seal it at least once a year. This will also avoid any liquids penetrating beyond the surface and the accumulation of bacteria. Further, we understand that everybody is busy, but take a few minutes during the day to wipe off the entire countertop. We recommend doing this at night after dinner when the kitchen will be empty.

To clean the surface, homeowners can purchase a special cleaner or do it the traditional way with some water and soap.

Final Thought

We understand that seeing a chip on your granite countertop might be a little disheartening after spending hundreds of dollars on the surface and the installation. However, if you follow our instructions on how to fix a chip in a granite countertop edge, you won’t need to contact a professional. Be patient, purchase all the tools, and read the guide before getting started.

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