How to run a restaurant kitchen efficiently

Chef Kitchen Restaurant

Frequently, we assume running a restaurant is an easy feat. As an owner or manager the task can be overwhelming. The backbone of any restaurant or hotel is the kitchen. Though you may have a lot of (to-do) on your list, you have to pay close attention even to minor details concerning the running of your kitchen as they too do count.

Since it is not practical to mange the efficiency of your kitchen 24/7, the main question is, how to run a restaurant kitchen efficiently? Be sure to follow the tips below.

Create Specialized Work Stations.

How to run a restaurant kitchen efficiently
Chef Kitchen Restaurant

Specialization is the way of the modern world. To avoid frequent bottlenecks, ensure there are adequate and clear working spaces for each task. Additionally, have different doors for raw food products to come in and one to go out so you can serve customers.

According to americangr, you will be able to maintain cleanliness of the whole kitchen hence avoid food contamination as staff members will not be using the same space at a go. The freedom of movement ensures customers are served on time reducing congestion of incoming orders. 

Invest in Your Staff

You can have all things right but if you have lazy staff members it’s all in vain. Investing in your staff members is a good ingredient which guarantee success. For that, you must be willing to spend time and money to hire and train your crew to attain the required level of professionalism.

If your crew see you want to make them the best, they will have your back at the workplace and will remain loyal. You need to make your crew believe in the goals you have set, the restaurant’s mission, and they will be excited to be part of the mission. Madison dining experience is one such example. 

Come up With an Inventory System

Nothing’s worse than running out of key stock or ingredients during pick operating period. Planning ahead will help avoid this embarrassment. Have a clear inventory system which will alert you when restocking is needed. A good inventory will help you cub wastage of food as you will be able to compare standard orders. If there are ingredients you are buying and aren’t being used, you will confidently cut the order.

Create Employee’s Manual

While running a kitchen might seem a stroll in the park, it is very important to for you as a manager to come up with acceptable standard operating terms and procedures. Doing so will help maintain consistency at its best throughout the kitchen.

Ensure the employees are up-to-date to avoid future disagreements. If you find a better way of doing things or new laws governing your restaurant emerge, don’t be afraid to update the existing manual.

Don’t Let Technology Serve as a Substitute For Human Talent

Every business is searching for modern technology that can make them more efficient, profitable and operate smoothly. The restaurant sector is no different. However, you will need the so called old-fashioned skills that come naturally.

For instance, you can have your kitchen equipped with the latest equipment but you will still need a chef who can make mouthwatering dishes for your guests. You need a crew with good communication skills, who can engage amicably with your customers and colleagues. This will help you obtain first-hand feedback which you can then use to up your game

Have Simple Things in Order

According to americangr, minor things like not having the kitchen sinks cleaned in advance can badly set you off balance. If it’s a knife that needs to be sharpened, ensure it’s attended to as early as possible. Have someone or a group of people you can trust to set the whole kitchen in order, have all equipment cleaned and ensure the restaurant is well stocked before the doors swing open. You can hire specialized people to conduct general cleaning of the whole place too.

Do What Can Be Done Ahead of Time

More and more people prefer fresh food and it is no wonder instant orders at the restaurant is becoming a trend. The freshness of food is vital but there are things you can have put in place even when not needed at the moment. Just examples, you can have potatoes peeled and well-preserved in case an order of smashed potatoes come through or have the meat cooked in case you will be required to make tacos.

Work Within Reasonable Budgets

Basically, you would like to impress your customers with unique or complex dishes. However, this might not be possible due to limited manpower or lack of relevant equipment. You don’t just give up, be practical.

You’ll have to streamline your-menu to what the kitchen can support and what the staff can do as well. Don’t go for recipes that don’t suit your budget or else you will make your career turn it a nightmare. Quality food is about taste, not presentation. Make the best out of what you have.


In a nut shell, if you are a manager out there wondering how to run a restaurant kitchen efficiently, the trick is just simple, set a friendly mood for your crew. You are in this journey together. Don’t hold back on advice or reprimand a mistake. Above all, keep yourself updated with trending management skills. You too can invest in yourself to become better and efficient.

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