How To Select the Best Electric Bike for Your Teen

One of the best gifts you can give your teen is a set of wheels to get around town. Though any bike will do the trick, buying them an electric bike is a great choice. The motor is powerful enough to help them get home when they’re tired and small enough to keep them from behaving recklessly on the streets. So, how can you choose the best 500w electric bike or city bike for your teen? Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Know Where They’ll Be Riding

Before you start shopping for that perfect electric bike for sale for your teen, think about where they’ll be riding. Are they going to be cruising down paved trails and roads or will they be taking their bike off-road and on gravel tracks? If they’ll use the bike primarily on pavement or asphalt, you’ll want to look at an electric city bike or electric beach cruiser. These bikes allow the rider to sit upright while providing a smooth cruising experience that makes it easy to get up to speed quickly. If they’re going to be riding on dirt roads, trails or on sand-covered paths, look for an all-purpose bike with wider tires. This way, they’ll have enough traction to grip those dirt tracks without compromising their speed.

Understand Their Sense of Style

Every teen has a clear sense of style. Think about the types of colors and styles your teen prefers to incorporate into their daily life. Are they the type of person that wants to look put-together and modern at all times or do they like a more relaxed look with tons of color? Identify these preferences and look for bikes that work for their sense of style. Remember, it doesn’t have to be a perfect match. They can always add accessories to make the bike their own.

Consider Future Growth Spurts

Once you’ve identified the type of bike that will work best for your teen, you need to choose the right size frame. There are electric bikes for short riders, tall riders and everything in between. However, you need to think about whether your teen will keep growing after you buy the bike. Think about how much they’ve grown in the last year or two. If they’re still actively growing, you’ll need to choose a bike they can use for years to come. This means selecting a frame that’s on the larger side rather than one that’s too small. Keep in mind that every frame size works for a range of heights. Choose a size that most closely matches the height of your teen and any extra growth they might have over the next year or two.

Choosing an electric bike for your teen is a great way to give them a sense of independence without forcing them to take on the financial burden of a car. Keep these key things in mind when you’re shopping for your teen and you’ll be sure to find a great electric beach cruiser or city bike to help them get where they need to go.

Written by George K.

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