Ideas For How You Can Have Fun in Lockdown

Are you stuck at home because your area is on lockdown? Well, just because you have to be at home does not mean you have to give up having fun! Staying in can still be exciting and entertaining, if you know what to do.

We put together these tips to help you have fun during the lockdown. You can learn new skills, play games, and plenty more at home. Let’s get started!

1. Practice Cooking

If you have been trying to find new ways to hone your cooking skills, now would be the perfect time. You could cook new dishes, desserts, and even learn some new complicated recipes. If you have kids at home, they would probably enjoy helping you in the kitchen.

2. Have a Family Game Night

Another option would be to pick out some games to play for a game night. If you set up snacks and maybe a movie, your family would be sure to have a lot of fun. Not sure how to choose a board game? There are plenty of fun options for you and your family to sort through!

3. Have a Spa Day

Sometimes, all we need is a day full of self-care to reset and feel energized. Why not use some bath bombs, your favorite soap and shampoo, essential oils, and a face mask? You could turn on your favorite playlist and relax in the warm water for a while. 

You could also get the family in on it, if you wanted. Set up candles, calm music, and give each other manicures or a make-over- it is sure to be fun.

4. Read a Book

In today’s bustling world, many people feel that they do not have enough time to read books anymore. If you enjoy reading, then why not settle in with a book you have been looking forward to and a cup of your favorite tea?

5. Work Out

If your New Year’s Resolution was to work out more, why not get started now that you have extra time at home? You do not need to go to the gym to exercise. Simply use at-home workout equipment or go for a walk. You will not need to buy anything unless you want to.

There are a variety of workouts to try during lockdown. You can use apps, go for a run, or watch a free YouTube video. The possibilities are endless and you will be staying healthy while you have fun.

Ideas For How You Can Have Fun in Lockdown

6. Start a Podcast

Have you considered starting a podcast before but never had the time? You might want to now. They are easy to set up, although running a podcast does require some computer knowledge and a few pieces of equipment. Your show can be about anything that interests you, so it will be fun to make!

7. Have Lunch on Zoom

If you miss eating out with your friends, why not have lunch over Zoom or another video chat service? This can be a great way to stay in touch and feel normal again. You can place an order for delivery from your favorite place, then hop online to meet with your friends and family.

8. Start a Garden

Planting flowers or vegetables can be a lot of fun. Once you see your hard work paying off in beautiful blooms or plants, it can feel very rewarding. You can plant a variety of seeds, depending on where you live and what season you are in.

Plus, if you do not have a yard, you can still have a garden! Why not try growing some plants in a windowsill planter? It is a lot of fun and makes your home stand out. 

9. Start a Blog

If you love writing, you can start a blog to reach a wider audience. Plus, there is always the chance that your articles become popular enough to be monetized- which would be a wonderful source of income during a lockdown.

There are plenty of sites that you can try, such as Medium. Or, you could always start your own website and go from there.

10. Try an Online Class

Since the first lockdown, online classes have exploded all over the internet. You can find everything to learn new skills. Why not try a chocolate-making class or learn a new instrument? There are so many options; we are confident that you will find something you love.

11. Write a Letter

Most of what we do is online today. When was the last time you wrote a letter for someone? This can be a fun way to stay in touch and even adds a more personal touch for the recipient. Hand-written letters are a fun and wonderful way to show someone that you care.

12. Build a Pillow Fort

Kids love building pillow forts with their parents. But, even if there are no kids at home, why not try it out? This could make you feel like a kid again yourself.

For extra fun, order pizza and eat it in the tent. You can also bring in books, board games, movies, and more. Just because you are an adult now does not mean you have to stop having fun at home!

13. Try a New Style

This is the perfect time to experiment with your clothes, hair, and makeup. If you make a mistake, no one else is going to see it. You can practice all sorts of trends and build up your skills to replicate them again in the future.


There are plenty of ways to have fun at home during a lockdown. We understand that it can start to feel boring after a while, but if you start trying everything on this list, it is sure to spice things up again!

While at home, there will be plenty of opportunities to build new skills and spend time with your family. We hope you do not let the lockdown discourage you from having fun.

Written by George K.

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