Reasons to Register a Trademark for Brand Protection in UAE

Marketing your company’s products and/or services is among the most crucial things you do as the business owner. The tools that you utilize in developing your brand may become valuable as much as the business itself. A great way in protecting your brand, increasing its value, and doing all these things legally is through trademark registration in UAE. In this article, we’ll provide you with all the great reasons of giving sufficient protection to your brand and doing so early on. 

  • Bring value to the business 

As the business owner, one of your priorities is standing out from the rest of the competition. If you’re intending to market your goods or services commercially, then you’d need a trademark. Trademarks protect important parts of your business like your logo, name, and slogan. 

You may be curious as to how trademark registration in UAE brings value to your business. Think about McDonalds, including the gold arches that they use. The symbol is recognized instantly by all of its consumers worldwide. A brand’s value can run into billions, which is why providing it with legal protection through trademark registration will always serve your best interests. As soon as your company trademark is approved for registration and you gain the trademark rights, you will be able to utilize the TM or ® symbol with your company name and logo. 

  • Gain national protection 

Any features which distinguish your goods and/or services from the competition can be registered with the UAE Ministry of Economy. With a registered company trademark, features will gain national protection. Having a trademark that’s legally protected throughout the UAE can also be very beneficial for your future international applications for trademark registration. Should you see yourself expanding your business and brand overseas, the applications will most definitely be less time-consuming and simpler as you’ve already gained trademark registration in UAE. 

  • Rights in selling, using, and licensing a mark 

As the trademark holder or owner, you’re awarded with exclusive rights over the registered mark under your name. This means you can control everything that has to do with your brand. With trademark registration, you’ll have all rights in using your trademark commercially. This is very valuable most especially when you execute your company’s marketing strategies in increasing brand recognition and growing the business. You’ll also be able to capitalize on your brand’s positive reputation by selling the trademark to other businesses or individuals. 

When you market and distribute your products, manufactures, franchisees, distributors, and other parties will be handling your brand. You can ensure your brand has protection by licensing it. 

  • Hinder any unauthorized use of your trademark 

Only a trademark is able to provide proprietary protection to your brand. Trademark registration will prevent all unauthorized uses of your brand by others in UAE. Your competition may take advantage for their personal gain of the fact that your brand isn’t protected if it’s not registered in UAE. Also, other business may smear your reputation and utilize your entire brand or some elements of it for their own offerings. 

The result to this is customers being misled and left confused. The last thing that you want is for your consumers to think that they’re purchasing from you when they actually aren’t. If you don’t have a registered trademark, brand protection from any unauthorized use will quickly prove to be an ineffective and very costly use of your limited company resources. Trademark owners have the right in initiating legal proceedings against all those that attempt at infringing their marks. 

  • Prevent competition from undergoing registration of similar trademarks 

The earlier you finish the registration of your trademark in UAE, the better protected it’s going to be. UAE legislation related to intellectual property and trademarks prohibits private and public businesses and individuals to register trademarks that are identical or confusingly similar to registered trademarks. In the event that your brand is not protected with registration, you will have zero legal rights should another business register a similar logo, name, or slogan as your company’s. Trademark registration process in UAE will confirm that there’s no other trademark similar or the same which already exists. 

Trademark registration specialists in UAE 

Trademark registration offer legal protection onto parts of businesses that are not physically but highly valuable. Protecting intellectual property rights of your business early on will let you grow and further develop your brand that customers will love. Should you have questions or concerns, most especially in the process of protecting your brand with the Ministry of Economy in UAE, only reach out to reputable trademark specialists, preferably ones that have decades of industry experience such as Farahat & Co. This is to ensure that you have higher chances of protecting your business as soon as possible!

Written by George K.

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