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Interesting Facts About The Indian Culture That You Didn’t Know About

Interesting Facts About The Indian Culture That You Didn't Know About

India is an expansive realm with a huge population. Within those areas and peoples, there are many diverse cultures, religions, and ethnic groups.

Truly, a traveler could spend a lifetime exploring the various cultural icons of India. India is famous for many different aspects of its rich and ancient culture.

Consequently, there is more that people don’t know about India than they know. Each region, religion, or ethnic group has its own unique culture. And with that comes a nearly endless list of foods, styles, languages, and art.

There are a lot of different things to learn and experience about India. Fortunately, there are many ways to experience Indian culture. Whether you’re planning to travel there directly, or are just interested in everything Indian, there is always an option. Indian people are all over the world. Indian restaurants are also very popular in almost every country in the world. And that’s a good way to get started.

There Are Many Cultures Within India

Because of India’s huge population and the vast swath of land that it occupies, there are many cultures within the region that we call India. While most people speak Hindi and English, there are at least 22 languages recognized by the Constitution of India. But it doesn’t stop there, there are hundreds more that lack official designations in the government documents. However, they’re still spoken to this day by tribes and isolated regions.

India is a large place and its climate is not ubiquitous, and neither is its geographical layout. This implies that there are many different ways of life in India. The lifestyle of a cold mountainous villager is not the same as a marine-dwelling southerner who enjoys the full benefits of living in the tropics. Everything ranging from style to food is drastically different between these people.

Interesting Facts About The Indian Culture That You Didn't Know About

Indian Fashion Is Celebrated Around The World

One of the most famous things about India is its fashion. Both men and women have many style options that are unique to India and India alone. An interesting selection of textiles and high-quality fabrics makes Indian garments desired the world over.

The aesthetic offered by Indian women and their clothing choices is particularly well known. There is a variety of these styles at available for purchase. Indian fashion is always in vogue.

Make sure you have a look at the many different styles and garments available in Indian fashion. There are many different subcategories of Indian fashion and this ensures that there are a lot of styles and garment cuts that you’ve likely never seen before. So if you’re looking for something new and interesting, definitely check out some Indian styles. You’ll probably be the only one on your block to have it.

India Has Many Religions

Most people in India are Hindi, there are many diverse religions practiced in India. These include Islam, Jainism, Sikhism, and atheism. Not to mention, countless sects and cults associated with the many different Hindi gods.

This diversity offers a tapestry of interesting people, ideas, architectural sites, and places of worship. Of course, all of this contributes to the massive culture that exists within the country.

Because there are so many religions present in India, it’s a great place to explore the many different ideas and beliefs held by one of the world’s most ancient people. Hinduism is one of the oldest religions on the planet and lifetimes could be spent just exploring the surface. There are a lot of very interesting temples dedicated to various gods and entities.

Hindu People Consider The Cow A Sacred Animal

People who follow the Hindu faith revere and consider the cow sacred. This is an interesting belief that often confuses those who aren’t familiar with Hindu culture.

While many religions prohibit certain foods such as pork, people who adhere to Hindu ideals choose to do it for an entirely different reason. Instead of avoiding pork consumption due to concerns over cleanliness, Hindu people abstain from consuming beef because they respect the cow.

So when in India or dining with Indian people, it might serve you well to avoid consuming beef in their presence. When eating at an Indian restaurant, refrain from asking about beef. It will save you from looking insensitive and ignorant.

Despite their distaste for cow flesh, Indian people regularly consume dairy from cow’s milk. So it’s fine to ask for some butter or glass of milk, they use it in excess in their culinary works.

Interesting Facts About The Indian Culture That You Didn't Know About

Indian Food Is Out Of This World

On the topic of food, Indian food is some of the best culinary works of art that can be found in the world. These foods are internationally recognized as some of the most delicious dishes that one can get.

One of the most famous Indian dishes is curry. There are many kinds of curry and it can be either spicy or sweet. While Indian people abstain from beef, they do often include other forms of red meat in their dishes, especially lamb. You can easily find vegetarian curry, chicken curry, or lamb Curry at almost any Indian restaurant.

Indian food also comes with plenty of appetizer options. Fortunately for the Western palate, most of them are fried. Some of them come stuffed with vegetables or meat such as a samosa. Other dishes that people should be encouraged to try include naan bread, biryani rice dishes, and lassi smoothies.

Indian culture is so diverse that it can’t be summed up in a short article. The best thing that you can do is to just simply get started. Have a look online at some different Indian styles and try out some of the ones that you enjoy most. You can go to an Indian restaurant which is found in almost all locales and try out some of the food. Trying the food is a great way to learn more about a culture. It’s a way to viscerally experience culture in the same way that they experience it. Plus, it’s delicious. And we all got to eat.

Indian fashion is also quite interesting and comfortable. It’s easy to order a few pieces to add a little multi-cultural flare to your outfits.

And there are many other aspects of Indian culture that are readily available to most people. One option is to turn on the TV and watch some Bollywood. There are likely many Indian people living in your locality. Try to look them up and get to know them to learn more about India and its diverse cultural significance.

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