International Films That Help You Understand Other Cultures The Best

The Wizard of Oz

A large number of people have begun to watch a variety of international films because of their enormous popularity on social media platforms, and the way foreign culture is depicted in these films appeals to most of us. However, many individuals believe that these films will help them comprehend foreign culture because they only present the positive bits. The reality in each film is yet unseen.

This article will walk you through a few films that portray realism in Foreign cultures. These are based on their real-life scenarios and problems. You should watch these movies if you want to experience the real-life and beautiful world of international cinema.

1. Gone With the Wind

International Films That Help You Understand Other Cultures The Best

Gone With the Wind is still as popular now as it was first published. Devastation, poverty, hunger, selflessness and selfishness, manipulation, and, most all, hope is addressed in this film set during the American Civil War. Scarlett O’Hara’s role embodies the burning desire we all have to survive, and it is her bravery and resolve that gives the picture so much meaning.

On a technical level, the use of Technicolor throughout the picture opened the path for the future of cinema. It demonstrated the genuine wonder of a brilliant and opulent production to the world.

2. The Wizard of Oz 

International Films That Help You Understand Other Cultures The Best

This film is about exploring the actual meaning of friendship and appreciating and embracing your roots and yourself. The influence of The Wizard of Oz on our society is enormous: the number of individuals who are unaware of the film and its message could probably be counted on one hand. The film is amongst a select few Hollywood productions that have become so firmly ingrained in contemporary culture that they are merely a part of us. Dorothy, her friends, the wicked witch, her wheelers, and those famous ruby slippers are all legendary. 

Indeed, the film has had such an enormous influence on homosexual society that the amusing but endearing phrase “a Dorothy buddy” has taken on a new meaning.

3. Birth of a Nation

International Films That Help You Understand Other Cultures The Best

Birth of a Nation was highly significant primarily for its epic nature and technological achievements when it was released. However, it has become a milestone in recent years, not just for director D W Griffith’s pioneering of specific methods but also for its unabashed racism. The Ku Klux Klan’s glorification and the overt racism of blackface make it unappealing and difficult to see for modern viewers. However, it provides a fascinating look at racial prejudice in the early twentieth century. The iconic pursuit episode, in which a band of KKK members pursues a black man, indicates white Americans’ attitudes against African Americans in the 1920s. The fact that Caucasians play all black characters is even more meaningful. 

Birth of a Nation was undoubtedly relevant at the time because it demonstrated how African Americans were treated as second-class citizens to the point that they couldn’t even show themselves on television.

4. An Inconvenient Truth

International Films That Help You Understand Other Cultures The Best

An Inconvenient Truth, another documentary hosted by politician Al Gore, examines the terrible effects of global warming on our planet. The video hits viewers in a way that few films do. It tackles a subject that affects all of us – and will continue to do so until we can do something to slow down the destruction of our Earth or, better yet, influence the future. Although the film approaches its subject openly and honestly, it has prejudices. It does, however, appear to offer a very even-handed image, which prevents it from being overly didactic.

5. Far From Heaven

International Films That Help You Understand Other Cultures The Best

Far From Heaven by Todd Hayne is a far more culturally important film. The movie dives thoroughly into the connection between a Caucasian housewife and her African American gardener, maybe for the benefit of a considerably more open-minded and liberal 21st-century audience. The 1950s background adds to the tension between the characters, and Haynes is open about the couple’s troubles. The film also addresses homosexuality at the time since Cathy’s spouse is revealed to be gay. Far From Heaven is culturally significant for tackling both of these themes with an honesty that films of the period could not.

Wrapping Up

Knowledge and understanding of intercultural art and excellence are extremely important and valuable in today’s digital and globalized world because they support the development of an individual and continuous improvement providing many soft skills, which are required to help people navigate through their careers and future relationships toward both personal and professional fulfilment.

Written by Alexander

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