Is Clive Myrie Scar on Neck from Surgery?

Clive Myrie Scar on Neck from Surgery
Clive Myrie Scar on Neck from Surgery

If you keep up with the space of journalism and news presentation, you have probably heard the name Clive Myrie. He is a renowned and globally respected journalist, presenter, and newsreader for the BBC.

With his charming personality and presence, Clive has dominated the niche of television journalism with his two shows – Mastermind and Celebrity Mastermind, both appearing on BBC. However, beyond the news presentation, Clive’s fans are concerned about his health.

Recently, the fans have been pointing out that Clive has a mysterious scar on his neck from the surgery. This has led to the speculation that something might have happened with Clive post-operation. We will discuss more than in this article.

Who is Clive Myrie?

Is Clive Myrie Scar on Neck from Surgery?


For those that aren’t aware, Clive Myrie is a famous British journalist and news presenter who is known for hosting multiple shows on BBC.

Although Clive joined BBC as an intern in 1987, his shows have been gaining traction and momentum since 2021 when he started hosting BBC quiz shows Mastermind and Celebrity Mastermind.

During his training period, Clive joined BBC as a local radio reporter during his graduation program.

After joining the company, the first project he worked for was with Radio Bristol in 1988. Following his one-year internship with the company, he worked for Points West, BBC Television, and Radio News.

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Why are Fans Concerned About Clive Myrie’s Neck?

Initially, there was concern and outrage regarding Clive’s health because the fans were worried that something was wrong with the reporter’s neck after his surgery.

However, the truth came out sometime later that the fans were concerned because he directly reported from Kyiv, Ukraine, during the war. That was something that raised a lot of concerns in the minds of his fans, worrying about his safety.

Despite the concerns that fans have had regarding Clive’s health and the scar on his neck, he has refused to comment anything about it. There are possibilities that things are being exaggerated beyond explanation, and there might not be anything wrong.

When he was reporting from a spot in Ukraine that was under attack, fans were concerned regarding his safety. However, the network clarified that he had had a bulletproof jacket throughout. There were some visible injuries, but Clive has not said anything about the subject.

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Is Clive Myrie in a Safe Place Now? Where is he Currently?

Since new journalists and reporters have to be present on the spot to bring the most authentic news to the viewers, Clive Myrie, alongside the broadcaster’s chief international correspondent Lyse Doucet, was the one who was present in Ukraine during the war breakout.

Following a few days of reports, Clive took to his Twitter to confirm the news that he and Lyse had left Ukraine following the growing unrest. He even clarified how upsetting it was witnessing all the unrest firsthand.

In the Twitter (now X) thread, Clive explained everything that he experienced while being there. He clarified that he crossed borders in Moldova and later drove across the country to reach Romania. You can find a series of tweets explaining what he and his team experienced, and he even included photographic evidence of the entire process.

Clive also clarified that once they were at the border, he and his team had to wait for 8+ hours to be able to gain entry into Romania. From there, he is set to return to London. To end the thread, Clive expressed his gratitude towards his fans, telling them how grateful he was for all the positive messages and encouragement that the fans sent his way.

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Little About Clive Myrie’s Early Life

Although we don’t have any idea what happened to Clive’s neck and what resulted in the scar on his neck, one thing that we can be assured of is the fact that Clive is one of the most courageous reporters in the present.

Clive was born on 25th August 1964 in Bolton, Lancashire, England, which makes him 58 years old as of 2023. He belongs to a Jamaican household where both his parents immigrated to England from Jamaica with hopes for a better future.

There’s not much about Clive’s father’s profession, but reports suggest that his mother worked as a seamstress after immigrating back in the 1960s. There are rumors that his father worked as a factory worker, and they had a pretty tough life.

Seeing the struggles that Clive’s parents had to endure, he had a conviction from an early age to make it big in his life. Clive finished his schooling at Hayward Grammar School in Bolton and later finished his A-levels at the Bolton Sixth Form College. He later enrolled in the University of Sussex, where he completed his Bachelor of Law.

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If you are a fan of Clive Myrie and have been curious about his neck injury, be aware that Clive has not revealed any update as to why it happened or how it has happened. So, there’s no way of knowing how things might have escalated. However, we must understand that Clive doesn’t want to reveal any details about the situation, so it’s ideal to let something as they are.

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