Is it Safe to use Baby Oil as a Personal Lube?

As the name suggests, baby oil is made for the sole purpose of using it on babies. The skin of babies is highly sensitive and delicate. Using harsh products on babies may give rise to rashes and other skin problems. Baby oil tends to make your skin soft and it also smells amazing. Although it may sound like a perfect alternative to personal lubes, in reality it may not work out as well as you may expect.

What Does Research Say?

According to research from Lube Zone, any baby oil will be a mineral oil that is petroleum based. It is also considered as the byproduct of the process involved in refining crude oil. This oil is also refined further to make it eligible for use on skin and there is no harm as long as you use it on the external surface of the skin. It has also proved its worth in gold when it comes to protecting babies from diaper rashes. However, if you intend to use it for anal or vaginal sex, baby oil may not prove to be a good and safe choice for you.

Reasons Not to Use Baby Oil for Sex

There are several reasons for you not to use baby oil during sex of any type. Some of the common reasons have been described below for your knowledge.

  • Tough to Wash Out: Since baby oil cannot easily dissolve in water, it tends to create a barrier effect on the baby skin. It will also remain on your skin as long as you do not physically get rid of it by cleansing. After your sexual intercourse, you may find it rather tough to clean off baby oil with mere water and soap. You may have to scrub it off, which may give rise to skin irritations.
  • Enhance the Risk of Vaginal Infection: It is not unknown that any petroleum-based lube will enhance the risk of vaginal infection for a woman. Studies have revealed that women who use such products while having sex, tend to suffer from bacterial vaginosis almost twice as much as women who do not use petroleum-based lube. Studies have also revealed that using oil of any type in the vagina can boost the risk of yeast infection.
  • Damage Latex: If you use any oil-based lube during sex, it will easily damage the latex of condoms. Any type of oil should be avoided when you use products such as cervical caps made of latex and condoms. A broken condom is as good as not using any protection while having sex. It puts you at risk of getting pregnant and also contracting STI or sexually transmitted infection.
  • Cause Stains: Whether you use baby oil or any other oil-based lube during sex, it will invariably cause stains on sheets and clothing. It will either be tough or impossible to get rid of such stains.

The main thing is that do not use any mineral oil or petroleum jelly-based lube during sex. This obviously includes baby oil as well.

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