Looking for an Online Dispensary? Here’s How to Choose One

If you’re choosing to buy your cannabis online, then it’s crucial that you find the perfect online dispensary. There are a lot of qualities that make a dispensary perfect. In this article, we’ll tell you what those qualities are, and how you can choose the perfect online dispensary for you:

Fast Shipping Times

When you’re shopping for cannabis online, you need to find a dispensary that offers fast shipping times. Nobody wants to wait weeks for their cannabis to arrive, especially if they smoke for medicinal purposes. The cannabis specialists from say that a dispensary should offer discreet, same-day shipping. This is something that all cannabis smokers will agree with. Before you place an order from a dispensary, check out their delivery times. If it’s going to take more than a week, find somewhere else.

Read the Reviews

Before you spend money on any website, you should read its review. A dispensary’s reviews will tell you a lot about it. If you notice that most reviews are negative, then you should seriously consider passing on them. Any dispensary that you deal with should have a good track record and satisfy its customers. Don’t rely exclusively on reviews, but definitely take them into consideration.

Bulk Purchases

If a dispensary doesn’t offer bulk and wholesale purchases, then there’s a chance that they are dropshipping or that they don’t hold stock themselves. This can be a sign of an unreliable dispensary. If they don’t hold stock themselves, then there’s a chance that interruptions could occur in the delivery process. On a side note, it’s definitely worth buying your cannabis wholesale. It allows you to save money and reduce the number of orders that you make.

Product Variety

A good online Dispensary in Canada will offer a variety of products. In fact, variety is one of the main benefits of ordering your cannabis online. You can find products that you wouldn’t normally see in physical dispensaries. When you’re browsing a dispensary’s website, if they don’t stock a variety of products, then you might want to pass on them. Dispensaries that stock lots of different products will give you the opportunity to explore and experiment with things that you wouldn’t usually try.

Looking for an Online Dispensary? Here's How to Choose One

Product Quality

When you’re purchasing cannabis, your primary concern should be product quality. Even if a website has fantastic reviews and a huge variety of products, if their cannabis isn’t top-notch, then there’s no point in doing business with them. When you’re researching a dispensary, make sure that you research what its product quality is like. How high is the THC and CBD content in their cannabis, and is it organically grown? If a grower uses harmful chemicals, pesticides, and plant food, then you should avoid them at all costs, especially if you use cannabis medicinally. You can find all of this out in reviews and in cannabis vlogs and blogs.


It’s absolutely crucial that any dispensary you shop with has strict security policies in place. It’s not uncommon for criminal gangs to target cannabis smokers and dispensaries. They do this to intercept and redirect cannabis deliveries. You need to make sure that the website you’re using is secure and has introduced measures to prevent theft and fraud. Additionally, you also need to make sure that any dispensary that you deal with is regulated, licensed, and has a permit. If you purchase cannabis from a dispensary that doesn’t have a permit, you can get into a lot of trouble.

Secure Delivery

You must ensure that any dispensary you do business with securely packages your cannabis. Ideally, they should smell-proof the boxes so that nobody knows what’s being shipped. If you’re a private person, you probably don’t want the mailman or your local courier knowing that you smoke cannabis. If you live in a high-crime area, then a parcel left outside your door that stinks of cannabis is also likely to be targeted for theft. Check out a dispensary’s shipping policy and find out how they ship your cannabis. If they don’t securely package your products and ship them with a reliable courier, then pass on them.

Tech Support

When you’re buying cannabis from a dispensary, you need 24/7 tech support. The dispensary also needs to respond to your emails quickly. If a dispensary doesn’t have quality tech and customer support, then you should find another dispensary. It’s not worth doing business with a company that doesn’t take the time to respond to your emails, even if they have great quality products.

With this article, you’ll be able to find the perfect dispensary for you. Make sure that you take every single point in this article into consideration before you commit to buying from a dispensary.

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