Must-Have Wardrobe Essentials for Women in 2021

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To say that 2020 has been the most grueling year for humanity is an understatement. The deadly coronavirus started attacking the human race like a faceless enemy without any reprieve. Safety and survival became the mantra for 2020. The entire world came to a standstill, and our only resort was to lock ourselves in the comfort of our homes. The only shopping we immersed ourselves in was hoarding up on food and home supplies to sustain the lockdown.

Every fashion norm and trend went out of the window when the pandemic hit us. Pajamas and loungewear sets became the only attires for the day. Work from home, schooling from home, date nights in, and household chores were all a part of the giant 2020 mood board.

The ease of lockdown restrictions and the vaccination drive in 2021 brought minimalistic fashion trends to the limelight. The big 2021 fashion mood is an essential, comfortable, and chic wardrobe. Maximalism is out, and minimalism is in!

Let us throw some light on the essentials for your 2021 closet:

1. Loungewear

Sweatsuits, pajama sets, yoga pants, bicycle shorts, and cotton tees, basically anything comfortable and practical which can keep you going for the day, are ideal additions to your wardrobe. Loungewear has been the uniform for 2020, and it is not surprising that it stuck around in the 2021 wardrobe essentials manual. Leggings or bicycle shots that you can work out in teamed with a basic tee, a tie & dye sweatsuit that you can wear for a quick coffee and grocery run, or the basic pajama sets that you can wear while getting your household chores done.

2. Face Masks

Now, the facemask has become a staple in our clothing essentials. The face mask is a social responsibility item that is necessary irrespective of the attire and look of the day. Pick out comfortable cotton face masks available in multiple prints, colors, and some come with sassy slogans printed on them.

3. The Perfect Blue Denim

The staple blue denim will never go out of style and cannot be pushed off the must-have wardrobe items list. It is the most classic piece in your closet that can transition from casual to party in minutes. Pair your denim with a tee or a crop top with basic sliders or sneakers, and you are ready to meet your friends at the park or a cafe. When you pair the same set of denim with a pair of heels and a beautiful blouse with a dash of red lipstick and mascara, you are glitz and glam all the way.

4. Classic White Shirt

The effortless charm of the traditional white shirt is unmatchable! This clothing item, like your blue denim, will never go out of vogue. Perfect for a day of online meetings and add a statement neckpiece to rock your evening look. You can pair the shirt with denim pants, cute shorts, classic cigarette trousers, or a skirt. You can Tick mark on the classic white shirt as a must-have in your wardrobe.

5. Knitwear

The all-purpose knitwear in soft cashmere is a worthy investment that will act as elegant top wear for a relatively chilly night making your look fashionable and warm. It is a mandatory clothing item that will always be a timeless wardrobe piece. 

6. The Tote

A tote bag is a valuable accessory item vital for a day out and will enhance your outfit for the day perfectly. Investing in a good quality tote bag is a good option for adding to your statement piece collection. 

7. Footwear

A comfortable pair of sneakers, statement nude heels, cute ballerina flats, and classic slides make for the best footwear wardrobe. You can add a pair of winter boots to keep it all-season inclusive. 

8. Classic LBD

The little black dress is the safest choice for a night out with your girls or a date night with your partner. You can have an ankle or floor-length gown or a cutesy skater dress or a sexy body-fitting calf-length dress, and you are good to go for an evening event.

9. Lingerie

The most vital part of your wardrobe items is lingerie. A comfortable set of bra and underwear is crucial for you to feel at ease in whatever outfit you chose to wear. Invisible underwear and a few essential color bras in white, nude, black, and grey work wonders.


Fashion trends will change with time, and some pieces in your closet will be relevant to a particular fashion capsule. But the items listed above are timeless classics that will never fade out into the oblivion of time. You can drive in the minimalistic fashion lane or switch lanes to the understated glamorous side by adding a statement neckpiece or earrings.

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