5 Marketing Strategies That Aren’t Marketing At All

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When it comes to branding, anything that your company does impacts the brand you’re building and the perception that others have about your business. You might think that marketing is strictly advertisements, emails, and search engine optimization. However, a lot more goes into your brand’s reputation that has nothing to do with these aspects at all.

Are you eager to build a better reputation, gain more clients or customers, and strengthen your position as a leader in your industry? Here are five marketing strategies that you should start paying attention to (hat aren’t technically marketing at all.

1. Engaging and Impressive UI

Your website and your user’s experience (UX) on your website are a big part of your branding. For many people, it’s the first real interaction they will have directly with your brand or business. They may have heard things about you prior, but when they get on your website, that’s your first opportunity to engage with them directly. Your website shows them who you are, what you do, and what drives you. Is your user interface (UI) making the right impression?

When you work with a reputable UI design agency, they can help you upgrade your user experience and UI to feel more natural and engaging. It also ensures it feels intuitive and keeps users on your site for longer, giving you a better opportunity to make the right impression.

2. Positive Employee Social Media Presence

Whether you realize it or not, how your employees present themselves on social media makes an active impression on your brand reputation. A company that has employees posting engaging thought leadership articles on Linkedin, for example, can elevate the brand itself. Their personal branding reflects how knowledgeable, innovative, and professional the team behind the logo and name is. You may read Dominator House reviews for more specific knowledge in respect of Linkedin hacks.

You don’t want your employees posting too much about their personal life, using expletives, or sharing controversial opinions that don’t reflect your company’s values. Consider their digital presence an extension of your own to help craft the proper presentation.

3. Helpful Customer Support

How helpful are you when your current customers run into a problem? If they are getting off the helpline still frustrated and angry, there’s a chance they are going to share those sentiments with their coworkers, friends, and family.

These customers can be your best brand ambassadors or your downfall, so make sure you’re offering helpful customer support. You want customers to feel respected and taken care of so that they can pass on these positive feelings to others.

4. Charitable Giving

Today, consumers want to buy from brands that share similar values, and charitable giving can be a great way to show you care.

You don’t want to draw too much attention to your charitable acts for the wrong reasons. However, you do want to highlight that this giving is an integral part of your brand identity. Seeing you live out the values you preach as a company serves as great natural marketing for your business.

5. Effective Crisis Management

Somewhere along the way, challenges always arise. It’s how you manage those challenges, mistakes, and blunders that matter the most — especially when it comes to how others see you.

Customers want to see a team behind a company do the right thing, admit when they are wrong, make reparations for past failures, and follow through with commitments to do better. When you manage a crisis well, that impression lives on long after you’ve averted the crisis.

Everything is Marketing

When in doubt, consider everything your company does as a part of your marketing strategy. It might support or detract from your strategy, so it’s important to audit these aspects to ensure they reflect your current goals and objectives.

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