Loungewear Trends Taking 2021 by Storm

Loungewear Trends

Loungewear is more important than ever these days. You want to look cute while working from home! Just because no one will see it doesn’t mean it has to be bland and baggy. These 2021 women’s loungewear trends will keep you looking great and feeling comfortable.

Flared Leggings

Are flared leggings back in style? The internet says yes. Popular influencers have made flared yoga pants a trend, and loungewear companies are hopping on the bandwagon. There are options for everyone, no matter what level of flare you want.

Some flared leggings are so large, you’ll find yourself right back in the 1970s. Some are more modest, flaring out just enough to keep from crowding your ankle. However you want to wear them, there are options for you. The best part? Most flared legging options are inexpensive and extremely comfortable.

Silk Pajamas

If you thought silk pajamas were a thing of the past, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by this 2021 trend. Silk loungewear is comfortable, cute, and so much cooler than other options. Tailored sets are making a big comeback this year, especially outside of the lingerie category.

You can wear these sets separately or together. It’s nice to dress up your pajamas just a little bit sometimes, and a silk loungewear set is one way to do it!

Ribbed Knits

For the warmer months, ribbed knits are the go-to this year. Ribbed knits are unique – they’re more form-fitting than sweatpants, so you’ll get the best form factor here. They’re also lightweight, so they may be suitable for those cooler summer days.

Ribbed knitwear sets usually include sweatpants (of varying varieties), and a top of your choosing. This can be a bralette, tank, or even a long-sleeved ribbed sweatshirt for those colder days. Whatever you choose, it’s sure to beat those old baggy sweatpants you’ve got in your dresser.

Tie-Dye with Solids

Women’s loungewear in 2020 was all about tie-dye prints. If you’ve amassed a large selection of tie-dye apparel, don’t worry. It’s still in! This year, pair your tie-dye with matching solids. Instead of using a whole patterned set, pair each piece with coordinating options.

For example, a tie-dye hoodie is comfy and cute. Pair it with knit sweatpants in a matching solid color to look fresh and fun for 2021.

Matching Sets

Whatever type of loungewear you choose, make sure to choose matching sets, such as from Boys Lie. This year’s loungewear scene is all about matching sweatsuits, knit sets, tracksuits, and pajama sets. However you choose to style yourself for relaxation, you can’t go wrong with a matching set.

Try any of the popular 2021 styles (ribbed knits, silks, tie-dyes, etc) as a matching set. Matching tracksuits are a popular option for athleisure loungewear this year, so break out those tailored track pants. You’ll love feeling put together while you answer emails on the couch!

Bra and Sweatpants

If it works, why change it? This year is seeing a rise in popularity for the sports bra and sweatpants combos that we’ve all come to love over the years. Why suffer this summer? Pair your comfiest sweatpants with a matching sports bra to say cool and look great at the same time.

Keep it simple. Because sweatpants and bras are sized so differently, stay with basic colors that are easy to find and match up!


This year is big for loungewear, for all the obvious reasons. However, you don’t have to mope around in your threadbare sweats and oversized t-shirts for all of 2021. Shop Style Shark has a huge collection of popular loungewear choices to spice up your wardrobe. Even at home, you’ll feel like you can get stuff done!

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