How to Improve Security in a Corporate Building

How to Improve Security in a Corporate Building

Being able to live in a safe and sound society is something that we often take for granted. For example, we believe the office workplace is a generally safe environment. While this is true, businesses can still make security improvements in various areas. A security plan is vital if you work inside a corporate building, where many people come and go each day.

Corporate buildings are usually well-secured, using a combination of technology and qualified professionals to protect the premises. However, you can integrate new security measures to mitigate potential vulnerabilities even further. The key is to develop a security plan that covers all your bases in the building.

Here are the seven best tips on how to improve security in a corporate building:


Although remote workers are becoming more popular, working in a corporate building is still the norm. Many of us will walk into our designated location, scan our identification cards, and head to our cubicles. Various documents will also envelop our lives while working at a desk.

Even if you think storing these documents in a filing cabinet is secure, you could also improve its security. As a start, organize all the documents in a way so that they are easily accessible. Then, the locking mechanism you use should only be accessible to you or a designated party. By doing this, only specific individuals will be able to see those papers.

Personal Credentials

Speaking of identification badges, working in a corporate building requires each individual to have one. The most secure way to truly enter this type of building is to have the requisite credential on hand. No matter what your day looks like, you’ll always want to have this piece of ID. Accidentally forgetting or misplacing it can be a security breach.

Furthermore, you can use your piece of identification to attend to specific areas of the building. The more seniority you have, the more access you will eventually gain to the building itself. If you do have seniority in the workplace, keeping this credential safe is imperative!

Concealed Weapon Detection System 

In the lobby of any corporate building, you will generally find security overseeing the main floor. These professionals are outfitted with the most up-to-date technologies to keep tenants safe and sound. Some systems will keep them at bay if a potential intruder tries to gain access beyond a security gateway.

Take, for instance, the integration of a concealed weapon detection system. These systems can find specific items that present an immediate and direct threat to an individual. The weapon detection sensors will identify some obvious dangers, such as guns and knives. The advanced systems made by Patriot One will detect other less conspicuous weapons as well.


Similar to the concealed weapon detection system, other security technologies are just as valuable. One of the most common security measures used in corporate buildings comes in the form of CCTV. Installed camera systems serve as a deterrent to potential criminals who are prowling around the immediate premises.

In addition, each security camera can be directly managed by the security team in the building. The system gives the individual a bird’s-eye view on each floor that the camera is installed on. Sometimes, criminal acts can happen in the workplace itself. CCTV will be able to pick up on anything if it is installed in the proper position.

Multi-Factor Verification 

When an employee tries to access a server in a corporate building, security prompts will generally occur. If everything checks out, the individual will be able to gain entry into what they require. The best security protocol used in this respect is multi-factor verification.

Once a worker uses the requisite system, the security process will initiate and ask the user to prove their identity. Proving an identity can come in different formats, such as SMS code or security questions.

Alarm Systems 

An excellent security measure that works in tandem with CCTV is an alarm system. Alarms can be positioned in various areas around the corporate building for efficiency’s sake. Should anything go wrong with a security system, the alarms will be activated. Keep the controls nearby just in case there is a mishap with the system itself.

Emergency Policies 

No matter how secure the corporate building is, protocols cannot be full-proof one hundred percent of the time. Create an emergency plan with your team to manage the worst possible event without much fear or stress.

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