Natalya And Lacy Evans Create History

Natalya Katherine Neidhart – Wilson is a professional wrestler and columnist who is signed with the WWE and currently competes in its Raw Brand, Natalya as she is commonly known as is a former WWE champion and made her professional wrestling debut back in 2000.

Macey Estrella – Kadlec is an American wrestler and competes for the SmackDown brand of the WWE, She is professionally known as Lacey Evans, Lacey made her debut in 2014.

In the latest, WWE News Natalya and Lacy Evans created history when they became the first women wrestlers to compete in a match in Saudi Arabia. Before this match, no female wrestlers were allowed to compete in Saudi.

But at Crown Jewel Natalya and Lacy competed in front of a packed crowd in Riyadh, although there were some people trying to ruin the historic moment as one person threw a bottle at Natalya’s leg as she was moving towards the ring, Natalya handled it gracefully and went on towards the ring without giving it any importance.

Both Natalya and Lacy Evans wore full-body suits and wore t-shirts on top while they were fighting. The bodysuits covered most of their bodies.

The match itself was nothing short of great as both the wrestlers gave everything they have and chants of “This is Awesome” started going on throughout the stadium.

The match ended when “The Queen Of Harts” won the match, after Lacy submitted when Natalya caught her in a sharpshooter, Both Superstars got emotional after the match, and they also received a standing ovation from the crowd present at the stadium.

The Raw superstar was visibly happy and proud of what they had achieved in Saudia Arabia, She took to Twitter to show her excitement. Natalya tweeted “I’d been dreaming of this moment for a long time and tonight was for every girl and every woman who has had a dream. Tonight proved dreams do come true and we can make this world a better place together.”

This match clearly meant a lot to Natalya, she was all set to compete in Saudia Arabia last year but the WWE could not reach an agreement with the Saudi General Sports Authority.

Lacey Evans was also very proud of what they had achieved in Riyadh, She also took to Instagram to commemorate the moment. Evans said, “As a woman, a mother, and a sports Entertainer, this night will be one of my most proud and motivating moments, All I’ve ever wanted to do was to show the world if you work hard anything is achievable and this proves that”.

Everyone is proud of what Natalya, Lacy, and WWE, in particular, has achieved in Saudi and we hope that this encourages many other women from Saudia Arabia and other countries to take up wrestling. This also proves that sports and entertainment are one such thing that has a huge impact on our society and its a job well done by Natalya and Lacy. They created history by becoming the first women wrestlers to compete in Saudi and now many women would love to follow in their path.

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