Organization Tips That’ll Make the Most of Your Garage Space

Organization Tips That’ll Make the Most of Your Garage Space

With spring on the horizon, many of us are thinking of getting organized. After all, who likes living in clutter? But if your garage is jam-packed with junk, you might feel discouraged by both the amount of work it’ll take and also by how much new storage space you’ll need for everything to fit comfortably.

Most garages are underutilized with plenty of wasted space. So instead of lamenting over the state they’re in, try implementing just a few of these organization tips to maximize your garage’s potential and reclaim your storage space. We’ll be focusing on maximizing vertical space using shelving, hanging up bicycles and generally utilizing any spare wall space you may have.

Make use of your overhead space

If you have beams, brackets, or rafters running across the top of your garage that are not being used for anything then it’s time to find a purpose for them. You can install shelves across this space to hold tools and other small objects neatly. If you are worried that shelves may take up more space than intended, let a professional overhead garage installer in Dallas, TX, or your locality help you figure out the most space-saving option. An overhead tote slide is ideal for keeping storage boxes within arm’s reach. A retractable ceiling storage rack is a great option for wide garage spaces or high ceilings. 

If your garage has wide walls and plenty of overhead space, you can build shelves around your garage. What is amazing about this next trick is that it allows you to keep everything organized while also saving some shelf space on the floor. Here’s what to do: build a wall of shelves around your garage that goes all the way to the ceiling! Then, keep your larger tools on hooks mounted into the wall to hold them in place. And if you’re really feeling adventurous, paint some other items like old oil cans and jugs, which will look great hanging from those walls. You can also make a shelf for small ornaments and knickknacks as well.

Maximize Vertical Space with Shelves & Hooks

Check for affordable storage solutions that focus on maximizing available vertical space – even if you haven’t got a car in your garage. They have several different options, so we’ll take a look at a few of the most popular and functional.

Hanging boards and bikes on the wall is one excellent option. There’s no reason your boards and bikes shouldn’t be up on display like a great work of art that you just happen to use every day. Start by putting in some eye-level hooks, then start hanging everything from there. The higher off the ground, the less likely it is to get dust and cobwebs all over it! Plus it makes for excellent conversation pieces when guests come to visit. 

Using wall-mounted racks is another great bicycle storage option. Installing such racks doesn’t require drilling into your garage’s walls (though make sure it won’t damage whatever surface you plan on attaching them to) and you can hang multiple bikes from each one. Wall-mounted racks are affordable,  require no assembly, are easy to install, and are great for maximizing unused vertical space. Some shelves and hooks also come with mounts for bicycles. Some possible downsides are they don’t work well with all types of bikes, they may require two separate hooks or racks for heavy bikes, and they can take up a lot of wall space.

Get Hooks for Ski Poles, Hockey Sticks, and More

Hooks are an incredibly cheap way to show off your prized possessions. You can either make them yourself or buy them at the store. To save money on projects like this, look for things around the house that you already have that could be turned into hanging hooks — wire hangers, clothespins, potted plant holders, old shoe racks, etc. The options are endless!

Get Bowls or Baskets for Small Items

You may have noticed that small items tend to get lost in the shuffle when they are placed on shelves, which is why it’s best to separate them into more manageable sizes with some bowls or baskets. This way everything has its place and will be easier to locate later on! Glassware works well, especially if you have a large collection of different types of glasses that need sorting. That being said, not all glassware looks good while resting on a shelf… so you’ll probably want to set some of them aside while putting others on display. We don’t know why it took us so long to come up with this idea, but we’re glad we finally got to it!

Maximize Floor Space by Removing Unnecessary Items

This is the most obvious and easiest way to get rid of clutter and optimize your use of floor space. But which items, in particular, should you remove?  For one, remove your car’s cabinets. Have you ever wondered what you can do with your car’s interior cabinets once they’ve outlived their usefulness? There are plenty of other options you can try. How about turning them into a storage cabinet in your garage instead? They’re large enough not to look awkward when installed side by side, can be attached directly to the wall for stability, and can either be freestanding or mounted directly into studs with heavy-duty brackets.

Donating Unwanted Items

Getting rid of stuff no longer needed by anyone can be difficult and while some charities will pick them up for free, others may charge a small fee. Donating items that you no longer need is also a great way to help the environment by preventing them from going into landfills instead. Most stuff can still be useful even if they’ve previously been used. Also, you don’t have to worry about finding a place to store your unwanted items during their trip to the charity of your choice since they’ll most likely take care of it for you.

Add a Foldable Table for More Floor Space

Sure, nice shoes need their own designated space, and storage benches do wonders for storing all your junk. But what about those random items that always seem to get in the way when they aren’t being put away? Well, here’s an idea: why not build yourself a little table that can be folded up and tucked away whenever you’re short on space? This also works for things like paint cans and old appliances. When closed, just take a few seconds to open the table and you’ll have all that space back!

Organization Tips That’ll Make the Most of Your Garage Space

The only limit when it comes to making the most out of your garage space is your imagination. You love that car or motorcycle in your garage, but you also don’t want various items and tools to take up all your room and make everything look cluttered! So get creative and use these ideas as inspiration. Get your creative juices flowing you’ll figure something out for your garage soon enough. 

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