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Outdoor Kitchen On The Terrace: Ideas For Creating A Cozy Space For Gastronomic Delights

Outdoor kitchen on the terrace: ideas for creating a cozy space for gastronomic delights

The warmer it is outside, the more time you want to spend there – sunbathing, playing, and even cooking. Hence the demand for summer cuisine: why sit in a stuffy house when you can sit at a table in the fresh air? And if there is also a barbecue area nearby, water is supplied to the sink and everything is organized according to the latest technology, then preparing for a country family dinner becomes a pleasure. We tell you how to achieve it.

Tip 1: Decide how often and what exactly you will cook

To begin with, you should answer a few questions – who will cook in the summer kitchen? How often? What exactly? The size of the kitchen, its equipment (hob, grill, or oven?), the need for water supply, and so on depend on the answers. Maybe you plan to cook meat on coals only a couple of times over the summer, then you should not bother at all – a mobile barbecue is quite enough for you.

Tip 2: Use suitable furniture

The summer kitchen consists of direct rays of the sun, wind, rain, humidity, insects, and temperature changes. Ordinary furniture is unlikely to cope with all this range of “entertainment”, special country models are needed here. Suitable outdoor options and the best outdoor furniture setcan be made of natural or artificial rattan, plastic, forged metal, and stainless steel. Careful care will be required for wooden furniture if you do not want it to darken unsightly. Folding structures are good and can be removed from the house after the end of the season.

Tip 3: Choose the best location

There are two options – closer to the kitchen in the house or closer to the “attractions” of the site (garden, pond, pool, outdoor sunbeds). In the first case, it will be easier to bring the necessary communications and move between objects, in the second, lunch will be held in a beautiful place. If you decide to make an outdoor summer kitchen near the house, choose a blank wall so as not to block the flow of light into the main room.

Tip 4: Decide on the type of construction

Stationary or light seasonal? Is the gazebo open or closed? Not everyone wants to build another capitol building on their territory, then it is worth looking at wooden structures. In this case, a monolithic or pile-belt foundation will not be needed, you can do with a columnar one. Or even lay out a paving stone platform, put up an awning or umbrella, a table, a couple of benches, and just have dinner in nature.

Tip 5: Choose a practical floor covering

Speaking of floors. The best choice for a summer kitchen is a wooden board covered with oil or wax for outdoor work, a decking, a stone, and the aforementioned paving slabs. For enclosed gazebos, you can use porcelain stoneware or ceramic tiles. It is important that the floor can be easily washed. You will have to walk on it in street shoes, so choose neutral shades that do not have too noticeable stains and small debris.

Tip 6: Do not forget about the lighting

It is worth taking care of in advance so as not to find yourself sitting outside in the dark. Distribute artificial light evenly, for example, using spots or street lights. Do not limit yourself to one lamp above the table, otherwise, you will block the light while cooking. With the help of several spotlights (wall sconces, hanging lanterns), you can zone the space. Choose models designed for outdoor use, with protection from moisture. In the open area, solar-powered models can be used, which will turn on automatically after dark.

Tip 7: Add decor

And do not forget to decorate the space! Arrange flower beds around the summer kitchen, add flowers in pots or hanging planters, use outdoor cushions, and hang light curtains in gazebos. Fruit baskets, vases with flowers, blankets, and pillows always look good in the country.

Written by Ridhi

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