Peso Pluma Height, Age, Family Background Explored

peso pluma

Peso Pluma isn’t following a trend; he’s planning to build an empire. 

With “Ella Baila Sola,” the singer from Jalisco became the first Mexican artist to break the Top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100 with Eslabon Armado. They outranked major hitters like Drake and Harry Styles on Spotify’s Global Artist list at the age of 24. 

These achievements have not only propelled Pluma to new heights but have also influenced the regional Mexican music industry.

To Begin With, What Is Peso Pluma’s Height? 

  • Peso Pluma commands the stage with his graceful height of around 5 feet 7 inches (170 cm or 1.7 meters). 
  • His attractive personality is enhanced by his physical characteristics, which include brown hair and beautiful yellow eyes. 
  • Peso Pluma, who weighs roughly 67 kg (148.812 lbs), symbolizes both talent and charm.

Who Is Peso Pluma? 

Peso Pluma Height, Age, Family Background Explored

Peso Pluma is a well-known Mexican rapper, singer, songwriter, and musician, best known for her hits AMG, PRC, Por las Noches, Igualito a Mi Apá, and many others.

Peso Pluma is the next Big Star After Bad Bunny since he just topped the Spotify list on the Daily Top Artists Mexico, and he has overcome Bad Bunny and dropped him to the second position from the first.

Peso Pluma became the first Mexican to reach the top of the Spotify Daily Top Artists Mexico list.

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Peso Pluma Career

Peso Pluma, actual name Hassan Emilio Kabande Laija, is a Mexican rapper, musician, and vocalist. 

He was born on June 15, 1999, in Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico, and learned to play the guitar as a teenager.

  • He honed his art by penning songs influenced by regional Mexican music and his first two studio albums, Ah y Qué? (2020) and Efectos Secundarios (2021) were met with moderate success. 
  • Peso Pluma has risen to prominence in recent years, spearheading the seismic expansion of Mexican music in the United States and becoming Mexico’s most-streamed musical act.


Peso Pluma has collaborated with musicians such as Raul Vega, Alemán, Gabito Ballesteros, Natanael Cano, Cris MJ, Gera MX, Marshmello, Ovy On The Drums, and many more.

  • He has multiple hit singles to his credit, including “El Belicón” and “Siempre Pendientes,” and has been awarded 8 Platinum Latin by the RIAA. 
  • Peso Pluma founded Double P Records with George Prajin’s Prajin Records. 
  • In 2023, he was nominated for the first time for an award.

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Is Peso Pluma His Real Name? 

Hassan Emilio Kabande Laija is Peso Pluma’s true name. He is a 24-year-old Mexican lad born in Zapopan and resides in Guadalajara. Peso Pluma’s stage name is Peso Pluma, and his nickname is Peso.

The definition of Peso Pluma is “lightweight” or “featherweight,” a phrase derived from Portuguese and characterized as expressing the joyful and danceable rhythms of his music.

The rapper has maintained a slender figure throughout his career, which has dazzled many female admirers along with his natural beauty.

Peso also has a casual yet high-end fashion sense, contributing to his overall appearance. Overall, he is a superstar, and he looks it.

Peso Pluma Family And Background

Peso’s parents include a Sinaloan mother and a Jalisco father. Their names have yet to be released online by the rapper.

Even though little is known about them, numerous crucial aspects are known. As previously stated, the rapper’s mother is from Sinaloa, one of Mexico’s thirty-one states, and many of her family remain in Badiraguato.

Although his father is from Jalisco, the family patriarch is of Lebanese origin, which explains why Peso looks different from many friends. Both the rapper’s mother and father were musicians from an early age.

Dreshare claims that the rapper’s father is a professional musician, and his mother is a vocalist. Peso has frequently stated that his upbringing was musical, with music ranging from salsa to hip-hop being played daily.

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Peso Pluma Girlfriend

While Peso Pluma’s personal life is kept confidential, it is rumored that he is dating someone discreetly. 

However, no official information regarding his relationship has been released. Fans eagerly await any news about his love endeavors.

Is Jaclyne Ojeda dating Peso Pluma?

  • The two’s intimate connection has not been officially verified or publicized. Any assertions regarding their relationship status are solely speculative at this time. 
  • Peso Pluma and Jailyne Ojeda have professions and personal lives; until one officially reveals their connection, it will remain a mystery.


Pluma is fluent in English. However, he prefers to communicate in his mother language, Spanish.

Numerous videos, particularly on TikTok, show the singer/rapper interacting and singing in English. However, he has spoken in Spanish in practically every interview.

His music is mainly in Spanish, and considering that he creates Hip-Hop tinted with Regional Mexican music, it makes no sense for him to utilize any other language. He could cross if he grows any bigger, but that remains to be seen.

Peso Pluma Net Worth 

Peso Pluma’s net worth is estimated to be over $10 million, which he obtained from making music CDs and selling them on different platforms such as Spotify, iTunes, and others. In 2023, Peso Pluma’s revenue is expected to be $80.1K.

Peso Pluma owns a Rolls-Royce and a luxury boat. In addition, he has an orange Lamborghini Urus and a black Range Rover.

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Peso Pluma Social Media Handle 

Peso Pluma has over 3.2 million followers on Instagram and thousands of followers on Facebook and TikTok. 


It’s evident why he’s gone way ahead of his counterparts. His voice, albeit slightly nasal and gritty, can unmistakably transmit emotion.

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