Planning to Buy a New Heat Pump? Here are Some Tips

Planning to Buy a New Heat Pump

Choosing the right heating system has become an important factor for everyone who wishes to save electricity and yet have solid heating. You have nothing to fear when choosing an electrical appliance of any kind nowadays, as there is everything for everyone’s pocket. With certain gadgets, you have several options. For example, ovens can be powered by burning gas, pellets, or even electricity. But when it comes to energy efficiency and heat delivery, one gadget tops them all: the heat pump. And, heat pumps can even be reversed to help cool when it’s hotter. They work best for moderately cold temperatures.

When it’s hot outside, you can use your heat pump to supplement your air conditioning. However, heat pumps are currently not powerful enough to replace your HVAC system. But, they still reduce the load on your HVAC system, saving you money.

So here is a short guide to help you make a wise decision if you decide to buy a heat pump:

Type of Home and Climate

Aero-thermal heat pumps can be installed in any home. Although it is more common to find them in semi-detached houses, chalets, or single-family homes, the demand for heat pumps for installation in floors is increasing, in areas where external temperatures are not extreme.

Even so, its working range for the production of hot water is wide: for example, there are that models work at full capacity, with an outdoor air temperature of between -10°C and +43°C. If the temperatures are lower, the system usually has a 1.5 kW backup electric heater that acts as a backup for domestic hot water production (DHW).

Energy Efficiency

Heat pumps save energy and therefore money. But what does its efficiency depend on? The COP (coefficient of performance) of an air-to-water heat pump is usually between 2 and. The higher COP, the greater the efficiency of the heat pump.

For example, with a COP of 3.5 kW, the heat pump returns 3.5 kW for 1 kW consumed. In any case, under optimal conditions, the performance of an aerothermal heat pump can reach 500%, which implies that it generates more than 5kW of heat for every 1 kW of electricity consumed.

The performance of heat pumps for DHW also depends on the outside air temperature and the water outlet temperature: the lower the outside temperature, the lower the COP to heat the water to 65°C (maximum configurable temperature of this type of equipment).


Before buying a heat pump, it is important to check its noise level, since this type of equipment is not silent, and it should not be installed under windows or in areas where it can be annoying.

In many heat pumps, the noise emission is between 50 and 53 dB (A) (decibels weighted). That is in a range similar to that of other household appliances such as a refrigerator. This makes it possible to install the equipment in the kitchen itself or an auxiliary room (never outdoors).


Depending on your needs and the number of people living in your house, it is advisable to choose a heat pump for DHW with greater or lesser capacity. Goodman heat pump range models have high capacities, and you can choose the one that fits your space accordingly. And although in all cases the diameter is the same, the height of the equipment changes, which may imply that the place where it is installed must be more or less high.


Some people think that to install a heat pump, our house must be large. However, the components of this type of equipment occupy less than other systems for the production of ACS, such as solar panels or some models of boilers with water accumulators. Logically, the size of the heat pump is directly related to the capacity of the water tank. A 90-liter capacity heat pump cannot occupy the same capacity as a 260 liter one. It is also important to consider the installation requirements, in terms of the necessary safe space to be able to make the relevant connections.

In any case, it is advisable to install this type of heat pump indoors or in auxiliary rooms such as basements, garages, or pantries. This is so not only because of the space to be occupied but also because the heat pump will tend to cool the room in which it is located by extracting the heat from the ambient air.

Planning to Buy a New Heat Pump? Here are Some Tips

Selecting a heat pump is a complex process. And, although the investment of money is important, it can pay off in an average of 4-5 years. Our advice? Always let yourself be advised by professionals, because you may end up with a heating system that doesn’t suit your needs, space, or wallet.

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