Pregnant Kylie Jenner Hides Baby Bump As She Celebrates Christmas With Family

20-year-old Kylie Jenner who has been keeping a low profile made all effort to hide her baby bump as she celebrated Christmas with family

No holiday season is complete without news about The Kardashians and Jenners, and this holiday won’t be a difference.

As we all are aware, this is a season of pregnancies and babies in The Kardashian family; Khloe is pregnant for her NBA player beau Tristan Thompson,  Kimberly and her rapper husband Kanye, are expecting their third child soon via surrogacy and Kylie is pregnant for her rapper partner Travis Scott.

Every one of the expecting mothers has been very open about their pregnancy except the youngest of them Kylie.

Rumors of Kylie being pregnant with Travis Scott’s baby emanated about six months ago and a lot of her fans were excited about it.

Despite the excitement and intensity of the rumors, with several clues to back it up, Kylie never released a statement confirming that she was with child.

Many of her fans still believed she was pregnant, but trust Kylie never to give anyone a definite Yes or No!

Ever since the news of the pregnancy, Kylie has done everything possible to keep the world guessing if she’s truly pregnant or not.

The 20-year-old who is well known for her racy, sultry and sensuous sense of fashion suddenly transitioned to wearing strictly baggy loose clothes.

On the streets during regular shopping, or being out with friends, Kylie was never caught in anything but baggy clothes.

Like that’s not enough clue, all of Kylie’s posts on social media have been of her chest upwards only or herself in baggy clothes striking non-sensuous poses.

She went as far as using extreme close up pictures of just her face to launch her new cosmetic line.

Of course, she’s in the cosmetic line, her face is what should be used but Kylie has been known for using her curves to publicize her products.

She did swim-wear and lingerie shoots just for her lipstick, so why just her face for her new line?

On the cover of LOVE magazine’s Spring/Summer 2018 issue which was released on Christmas day, Kylie appeared in red turtleneck sweater which was shot by her model sister Kendall.

She was well covered up on the covers of the magazine, with just her chest upwards being shot.

Kylie who has a very strong online presence has drastically reduced her availability online as she rarely posts pictures or videos like before.

She’s been avoiding being caught by paparazzi, so she’s majorly been indoor always.

Kylie sure has a whole lot of pregnancy hiding tactics up her sleeves but her most recent was being absent from the famous Kardashian Family Christmas card.

That was definitely the height of it all and that drove KUWTK fans wild with rage!

The family began teasing fans with the slow release of 25 Days of Christmas which began on December 1 with several members of the family revealing a photo from their holiday cards to fans.

After the much awaited December 25 arrived, fans were eager to see the final Christmas card but it was a major shocker as pregnant Kylie was very absent from the card.

Khloe who was also pregnant was present on the card although she used Rob’s daughter Dream, to hide her baby bump.

The whole of Twitter went crazy at Kylie’s absence.

At the traditional Christmas morning at the Kardashian house, Kylie pulled another stunt as she wasn’t in pajamas with the rest of her family.

With other members of the family flooding social media with pictures and videos of their Christmas celebration, Kylie kept a really low profile.

She only appeared on some of elder sister Khloe’s Snapchat, with Khloe stating ‘She’s a secret little bunny’ when taking a video of Kylie.

No one knows why Kylie won’t just announce her pregnancy but all that are fans want for Christmas is to see a picture of her baby bump!

Written by Evelyn Smith

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