Preparing For A Cross-Country Road Trip With These 4 Valuable Tips

Nothing quite beats planning a vacation, especially when it’s been a while since you last went away. The vacation itch is getting stronger as the urge to jet off somewhere is becoming prevalent. In fact, reports reveal that an eye-watering 90% of Americans are planning to take a trip this year.

Of course, everyone will have their personal reasons for their growing desire to travel. However, the way in which they travel might vary. Some will choose the ease of a package vacation, allowing all the stress of planning to be removed from their shoulders. Instead, they will ensure they are ready for the flights and packed for their time away.

Others might choose a more adventurous route and travel between countries to explore all that lies within. Some might choose the route of a staycation and find a place in the US to vacation. Of course, a common way to get to a different state is by plane, with some opting to travel by train. However, a cross-country road trip is also a great way to travel to your vacation destination.

With a vacation planned and the excitement of a country trip beginning to bubble, ensuring that your car is up for the challenge is a must! For those looking at ways to ensure their car is ready to tackle a cross-country road trip, these valuable tips are worth keeping in mind.

Decide On The Car And Driver(s)

First point of action is deciding what vehicle you are taking and who is driving. As you can imagine, these are essential factors to consider before your departure day, as you cannot travel to your vacation destination without them! Start by deciding on the vehicle that is being taken. Should you choose to take your car, ensure that it is ready for the journey, especially if you have a long drive planned. Before you depart, take your car to a mechanic to see if it is up to the challenge of a long car journey. Understandably, the last thing you want on a cross-country road trip is for your car to breakdown halfway due to an issue that could have been resolved had you seen a mechanic before you set off.

With the car chosen and checked, the next step is deciding who is driving. If you are going with a group of friends, you might decide to split the journey between those with a license and who can drive. Splitting the journey up can help the driver remain focused on the road and helps to reduce the risk of fatigue. If travelling with a partner, you might decide how often you stop to switch drivers. However, if you are travelling alone, you might want to consider your route.

Plan The Route (And The Stops)

On the topic of route choice, this is something to consider before departing, especially if driving solo. To reduce the risk of fatigue whilst driving, ensure you know where to stop along the journey for a break. Consider the length of the journey, and factor in how many stops you want to take. Some of these stops could be a quick 10/15 break, allowing you the chance to use the restroom, stretch your legs, have something to eat, or even grab a coffee to help give you an energy boost for the next leg of the journey. However, if you have a long drive ahead of you, one that sees you travelling across multiple states, finding places to stop might be worthwhile.

Spend time looking for hotels and accommodation choices you could book to stop out along the way. Even if you are travelling with others and taking turns driving, those in the car might appreciate stopping for the night somewhere to get some rest before the drive continues. Think about the towns and cities you could stop in along the way. This can extend your vacation by adding small places to visit along the way to your main destination. These small stays could end up being the places where you have the fondest memories of the entire trip.

Deep Clean The Car

Spending an extended period in an unclean car will likely be an uncomfortable experience, not just for the driver but for any passengers. Before departure day arrives, spend a few hours conducting a deep clean of the car you intend to take on the long road trip. Wash and polish the exteriors to the point you can see your reflection. Remove trash and clutter to help create additional space for luggage and passengers.

Depending on where you live, you could find a professional car washing service you could treat your car to. For instance, those that live in Lancaster County might take their car to one of the many Sundance car washing facilities available. Each one could provide you with the dream car wash clean, leaving your car looking like you have just left the dealership after securing a brand-new vehicle. It might not seem like it, but having a newly cleaned car can help you to feel even more excited about going on the cross-country road trip.

Preparing For A Cross-Country Road Trip With These 4 Valuable Tips

Create The Ultimate Road Trip Playlist 

What is a road trip without a playlist filled with beloved songs that help lift the mood and keep you entertained? Create what you would consider to be the ultimate road trip playlist, and fill it with songs that you want to hear on the long journey ahead. Send the playlist to those joining you on the road trip, and ask them to add the songs they want featuring on this ultimate playlist.

Alternatively, you might have a few playlist options to choose between. Each one could be designed by the person who is driving. This is because they will want to hear the songs they enjoy and help them concentrate while driving. Understandably, it should be their playlist of choice that is playing in the background when they are behind the wheel.

Time To Go

To help prepare you even further, have a checklist of things you might need on a cross-country road trip across the states. Using as many resources as possible can help you ensure you have everything you need for your impending vacation. Before you know it, you will be buckling up and hitting the open road! This cross-country road trip dream will be a reality, and you will make memories to cherish forever.

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