Things to Consider When Renting a Car for a Road Trip

Things to Consider When Renting a Car for a Road Trip

Paying hundreds of dollars to drive a wooden crate is not a desirable option. Moreover, there are ways to rent a Ferrari in Rome for the same price. Unfortunately, that is what often happens when a person is new to the niche. Thus, here is your unchallenging instruction on what to consider when renting cars for road trips!

Reserving Tips 

Observe and contrast the prices online  

Many companies can be enterprises of your interest in renting a car for a road trip. For instance, you can check out agencies like Hertz, RentLuxeCar, Alamo, and so on. Given their transparency, you can calculate the price depending on what car you want. 

Sure, being on a precise budget means looking for the cheapest options. Nevertheless, being the cheapest has nothing to do with being the worst! The most affordable long trip car rental will be economy-size vehicles that can still be comfortable. 

Extra fees when you rent a car for a long trip

Some agencies ask for additional payment depending on your situation. Of course, the prices can vary. Potential fees are: 

  • For underage drivers (under 25); 
  • For airport pick-up (if you want to head off from an airport); 
  • Extra mileage (for driving more than your mile cap allows); 
  • Another driver(s) (when you want to drive a car with other people). 

What size should your car for a long trip be? 

If you rent a car to drive cross-country, consider an SUV. Not all roads will be a picturesque highway to the golden pentacle of the evening sun. On occasion, you might have to turn to muddy, grassy, and sometimes even icy roads. Compact vehicles are not the best options then. 

Consider if you need extra objects in your vehicle 

Rental cars for a road trip can have a GPS or be without it. The agency might provide you a seat for kids, or it might not. That works for other features, so be attentive to what you need. If you can provide those necessities alone, it will save your cash! 

Are you going to risk without insurance? 

Buying extra safety in the form of insurance is what might save you in case of an accident. Several options of insurance can solve this issue. Yet, you will have to give cash for such upgrades every day. 

Picking Up Process

When you go for a car rental for a road trip, you will meet the representative of an agency. This meeting is what can make your trip perfect or destroy your plans. The sequence of actions is: 

  • Go precisely to the place of meeting;
  • READ the contract as every detail should be correct; 
  • Check your vehicle and take photos/videos if there are flaws like scratches or loose objects in the interior. Sure thing, if the car is in an unkempt state, do not accept it as it might be dangerous; 
  • Pay (if you have not paid online); 
  • See if your policy allows crossing the border (if it does not, you might have to pay extra). 

Returning Time 

Theoretically, your car rental for a cross-country trip experience was amazing or at least acceptable. Yet, your relationships with this vehicle do not end before you give it back. And you cannot merely bring it back. So: 

Treat your vehicle by filling the gas tank 

It is not obligatory, yet it is desirable. Moreover, you can find a gas station that will be cheaper than the one close to the rental location. Sometimes agencies allow paying for this element upfront. That might be convenient, but it will be pricier. 


If you bring back the vehicle with trash on the backseat, the agency will clean it. But first, they will charge you extra. Also, be certain that you have not left anything under the seats. 

Be punctual

Being 30 minutes late might lead to paying for another day of renting a vehicle for a road trip. By the way, returning the car earlier might lead to paying a fee too. So, it is better to be professionally precise. 

The Closure 

Some circumstances leave us with no other option but to rent a vehicle for a road trip. Of course, a car will affect your journey. But also, its rental price will be a substantial selection condition. If you are attentive and diligent, the price will be much lower! 

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