Qualities to Look For in a Cloud Storage Provider

The rise of cloud storage has been nothing but meteoric, and it is now the number one way to store data. Previous storage solutions like USB and hard drive storage are on the verge of becoming totally obsolete as cloud storage has been shown to have vastly superior security, capacity, and accessibility. It seems like cloud storage has only just become a mainstream service and it is already dominating the storage industry. But with so many different providers, how do you choose which one is the best for your storage needs?

This article is a guide to the qualities to look for in a cloud storage provider.

1. Top-Notch Security

We all know how important online security is with so many hackers and cybercriminals looking to exploit weaknesses in our cybersecurity or browsing practices. While we all have this threat at the back of our minds, far too few of us actually take the appropriate measures to combat it. 

Storing data on a cloud system is supposed to be safer than storing it on our hard drives or a CD or USB stick, but this is only true if the storage provider has top-notch security. The storage experts at explain that different online cloud providers have varying levels of security. It is really important that you do thorough research into all the different providers to find out which one is the most secure. The setup and file transfer should also be easy to follow so you don’t leave your data vulnerable when uploading your files.

2. Competitive Prices 

Cloud storage has dramatically reduced the cost of storing data compared to buying multiple USB sticks or paying a lot of money for cybersecurity programs to keep your files safe on your hard drive. These programs are only effective for a period of time because hackers and cybercriminals are so talented at developing new attack strategies. Every time you need to buy an updated version, it will cost you more money again.

By storing your data on a cloud, you only need to pay for the storage space itself, and there are many great sign-up deals which the different providers offer to attract new customers. Many cloud storage providers will give customers their first 3GB of storage totally free, and for people who only have a few documents or photos, this is often enough. If you do need more storage space than this, you can compare different providers to see which ones are most affordable. Look out for cloud systems that give you unlimited storage space for a one-off yearly payment. There are many available which offer this for less than $100 a year.  

3. Easy Access to Data

There is no point in storing your data on any kind of platform if you are not able to access it. The best cloud storage systems make accessing your data really simple and even enable instant data transfer with other users on the same cloud system. All you need to do to allow someone else to access your files is to change the permission to grant them the ability to view, edit, or even take ownership of the files.

This capability means that cloud storage is ideal for remote work. Many freelancers and remote workers use the same cloud system as their clients or businesses and can immediately share or transfer files through the system. When choosing a cloud storage provider, make sure that you can use it to share your files with colleagues, friends, and family.

Qualities to Look For in a Cloud Storage Provider

4. Backup Systems

As well as checking the cybersecurity of the cloud storage provider, it is also important to find out how they back up their systems in case a breach does happen. The best providers will have separate storage facilities where all the data is kept so that customers can know that it is completely safe. Make sure that you have the auto-update setting turned on so that you don’t lose any data when working on a file because you lose internet connection or your computer runs out of battery. 

Cloud storage is the safest and most effective storage means available but with so many different providers it can be hard to choose between them. While switching to a cloud service is always better than storing your data on a USB on your computer, some services are superior to others. Make sure you look out for these qualities when choosing a cloud storage provider so that you can guarantee all your files and data are safe and secure.

Written by George K.

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