Advantages of Using WordPress

More than one-third of all the websites on the Internet are powered by WordPress. This includes personal websites and blogs to the enormous mega-sites of Time Magazine and Sony. While there are various free website builders and management systems available to download, WordPress is by far the most popular because of its unique features. From useful plugins to easily customizable templates, WordPress is lightyears ahead of its competition.

For everyone out there who is considering building a new website but doesn’t know which platform is the best, here are just some of the advantages of WordPress.

1. Ultimate Adaptability

WordPress was originally developed as a website builder for people to create blogs and other similar online content, but it has proven to be so adaptable that it is now used for a huge number of different kinds of websites. As well as still being the number one choice for personal websites and blogs, WordPress now powers ultra-complex websites for major corporations. The adaptability of WordPress websites means that they can be used for online stores, for artistic and photographic portfolios, and even to host podcast or social network media systems. With a range of plugins that can be added to the core WordPress platform, as well as the huge number of themes available, both your business and personal and business websites are 100% customizable.

2. Simple to Use

WordPress is incredibly user-friendly, and even absolute beginners can get to grips with it in no time at all. A new WordPress website can be set up in just ten minutes with no previous experience or special knowledge. All that is needed is a domain name and a hosting platform. WordPress is completely free to download and install and once you have it, there is a super easy dashboard that will enable you to navigate the different features to start creating your headings, web pages, and content.

3. A Huge Number of Themes

There are tens of thousands of different themes, both for free and for purchase, which allows you to customize everything from the color scheme of your new website to the way its menus dropdown. The themes are constantly being updated to ensure lightning fast speeds, improve usability, and fix bugs and there are designers who are creating new WordPress themes all the time. When you have one theme set up, you can easily live preview a different theme and all of your menus and content will be instantly reconfigured so you like the new theme better.

4. Highly Functional Plugins

While the core WordPress builder has everything you need to make a website, you can add extra plugins to provide more functions. Plugins are specially designed code that enables you to add special features like checkouts, payment forms, chatbots, and many other useful tools. There are hundreds of free plugins available on WordPress and many hundreds more that can be purchased from developers. As your site begins to grow and develop you can add more plugins to keep building its functionality. 

5. High Search Engine Ranking

Ranking highly on search engine results pages is incredibly important for bringing new visitors to your website. Whether it is a personal blog or an eCommerce store, increased web traffic means the potential for a bigger audience or a larger customer base. As WordPress websites are always being updated they are highly searchable which results in higher rankings. Furthermore, there’s a range of plugins and site tools that can optimize your website and its content so that it will appear at the top of results pages. 

6. Mobile Versions of Website

Many people these days browse the internet on their smartphones so it is extremely important that websites have a great mobile version. The majority of WordPress themes look fantastic on any device and there are extra plugins you can add to further the mobile version of your website. This is not only great for your visitors, but it is also beneficial for search engine rankings. 

7. Integrated Blog

Blogs are a very important feature on every website as they enable you to update your audience and to make announcements. WordPress websites have integrated blogs already built-in which are easy to update and are accessible on your dashboard on any device at any time. This means you can keep your blog constantly up to date with important information for visitors and customers. 

Advantages of Using WordPress

With so many brilliant and unique features, it is easy to see why WordPress is the number one website builder and management platform in the world. Even total beginners can create a great looking website that is highly functional and can provide an awesome experience for visitors to your site.

Written by George K.

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