Quick Tips to Break In your New Dirt Bike Boots

Purchasing a brand new pair of boots for Dirt Biking is a feeling of contentment. But the brand-new dirt biking boots are more on the stiff side. For the first few times, it’s hard to break into them; by chance, if you wear them correctly, your bikes are pretty hard to maneuver. 

Brand-new dirt bike boots are as hard as a rock; if you do not break them in before the ride, it can be challenging to shift gears. So, before you spend your hard-earned money on these expensive boots, take some extra time to break in. 

So, before you hop on your bike for some adventure, please put on your motocross boots and loosen them correctly to be comfortable while you ride. Here are some quick tips for breaking in your newest dirt bike boots.

The Right Way to Break in your New Adventure Motor Cross Boots:

  • Use your hands to bend them
  • Heat them a bit
  • Crouch after you wear your boots
  • Walk around all day wearing them
  • Use your dirt bike boots a lot.

These are the most conventional ones; here are some additional tips which you can use to break in your dirt bike boots easily.

Quick Tips to Break In your New Dirt Bike Boots

Walk, Walk, and Walk… A lot…..

It would help if you walked at least a mile long to settle in your boots properly. No, you do not have to do a marathon, but by a mile, we mean walking a lot. The more you walk, the better it will be for you. You can walk around your home for a few hours or just put them on whenever you want to adjust them accordingly. This will help break the extra stiffness. 

If your shoe size is inaccurate, walking around can make you realize the same, and you can make easy returns if needed. If you purchase your Motocross boots from trusted sites/stores, they will be easy to exchange.

A Heat Gun or a Hair Dryer will do. 

Heating your dirt bike boots is also a good idea to break them in. manufacturers use a lot of plastic, but it is very rigid unless you have adequately broken in the new pair. Blow heat through a heat gun or hot hair dryer onto the plastic while your foot is inside the boot. This will help ease yourself a bit, and you can quickly settle your foot inside it. After a while of heating, you can try movement, and it will be way more comfortable.

Try Some Wobbling

After you have worked on putting your shoes on, you can buckle them up and wobble your feet. The too-tight thing will be troubling, so this is the only way to break in properly. You can crouch down with your knees bent and stretch out. Once you rock your ankles back n forth repetitively for a few sec, the boots can easily fit up to your feet.

Hop on your Toes

If all that wobbling doesn’t make do for you, you can also perform toe hops. The sole is the hardest to break in for any dirt bike boots. Moreover, the dirt bike boots are way too stiff when wearing them for the first time, So another brilliant tip we have is to do toe hops. 

To do so, put on your boots, keep the straps loose, and try to balance your toes. Then, hop in place of the toes to fit. The process seems a bit foolish, but the outcome is spectacular. So, do try that.

Bottom Line

Once you try out every way in the quick tips above, you will feel comfortable on your feet. You will like that your brand-new dirt bike boots feel even better. You may have to repeat the same steps for a few days, but that’ll be all worth it when you ride. So, focus on buying the correct type of boots for yourself and the best way to fit them.

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