A Checklist for Homeowners When Buying a New Build

Many purchasers are choosing to purchase a new building while moving house due to the increase in housing developments around the globe. Especially for first-time purchasers, new builds are a popular choice since they offer the opportunity to start fresh and customize everything.

The complete guide to purchasing a new build has been put up.  It includes the decision-making criteria to organize your house and a checklist for the days leading up to and after moving day.

1. Home tour and handover

You should schedule a tour of your new house with your developer before you officially move in. The typical time frame for doing this is a week or two before your relocation day. Make sure to schedule this appointment well in advance because you’ll need plenty of time to finish it without rushing. 

Your developer should be informed of how long it will take you to inspect the property. If they are dissatisfied with this, remind them that you want to ensure everything is in order because this is the largest purchase you will ever make.

2. Remember the door number

Ask the new home builders to put a door number on your property. So that delivery boy can find you if you have deliveries after you’ve moved in.

3. Arrange your installation of broadband

There may be a significant wait for engineers to visit your home and set up an internet connection. So it makes sense to plan and make these preparations.  

With the changes to the law made last year, new home builders are legally obligated to include gigabit broadband, enabling quick and dependable connections into new residences. The sooner you can all sign up for these services, the better for moving in.

3. Get your postcode

When purchasing a newly constructed home, many buyers need help to complete this essential task. Your developer must make contact with the local council and get a postcode. Remember that your newly built home is on a brand-new road and in a brand-new community. 

Some businesses may update their systems more slowly than others, so there may be a time when you need to direct delivery drivers to your location.

Your builder will take you around your new home during the home handover and explain how everything works and where items are. 

This should include information about the heating and cooling system, appliances, energy meters, smoke detectors, the location of the main water stopcock, how the property will dry out, and how to report faults. This is also a wonderful moment to discuss and decide the best time to set up a professional snagging survey.

4. Measure up

Use the time effectively to measure for soft furnishings and furniture while you have access to the property, and all building work is complete. Bring a tape measure with you when you get the keys to your new house. 

Then, before moving in, you can take note of window measurements to prepare for purchasing drapes or blinds and determine whether certain furniture pieces would fit.

5. Say hello to neighbors

It doesn’t hurt to take the time to knock on a neighbor’s door and introduce yourself if people have already moved in close by on the new street. Tell them when you’ll be moving in and ask them nicely about their experience. That conversation by itself might teach you a lot!

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