Reasons to Own a Garnet Stone

Reasons to Own a Garnet Stone

Garnets are among the most stunning stones to buy. But the exciting thing is that it is not a singular stone. Instead, garnets comprise a group of mineral species. Invariably, garnets can be found in different color variations as well as blends.

Nowadays, garnet engagement rings, pendants, and bracelets are becoming increasingly popular among people of all ages. It’s a classy stone that can be set in a variety of jewelry pieces.

Here are some undeniable reasons why everyone should invest in garnet stones.

Exceptional diversity

Although garnets of the blood-red shade are the most typical, traditional choice, some most expensive garnets include green or orange-colored stones. 

The pink rhodolite garnet is also a popular choice. Depending on the lighting conditions, certain garnet varieties can change their color from blue to a stunning shade of purple.


Garnets were incredibly popular in Bohemian jewelry during the 1500s. Back then, there was rarely anyone in sight without some kind of garnet jewelry on them. 

But during the 1800s, the stone began to sink in popularity as more people preferred other precious stones. However, the popularity of garnets has soared in recent years, with many people incorporating these remarkable gems into their rings, necklaces, bracelets, and other accessories.

One-of-a-kind engagement ring

With gorgeous looks, rich color, and an aesthetic appeal, garnets are among the most stunning stones to look at. Garnet enthusiasts claim it is the color of love itself. 

This is also why some people choose to buy garnet engagement rings over diamond ones. The strong, elegant stone can be worn on a daily basis without worrying about it getting damaged. However, you should avoid exposing it to the sun or other heat sources for prolonged periods.

A token of love

There are various gifts that couples give each other. Chocolates and flowers are the most popular gifts, but even now, for most women, no gift can beat good jewelry. 

Traditionally, several cultures believe that garnet rings (or other garnet jewelry items) should be gifted to a partner, specifically on the second anniversary. 

It is a token of love, representing passion, eternal love, loyalty, truth, purity, and compassion. The exercise is meant to bring endurability and constancy to the relationship, ensuring it lasts for a lifetime.

Healing properties

Research indicates that garnets also possess certain healing properties. People use garnets to help deal with problems such as heart issues, inflammation, and skin-related ailments. Some people claim it can help regulate blood circulation and combat depression as well.

While studies are still ongoing to verify these claims, most people who use garnets for the reasons mentioned above have positive things to say about them.

An economical choice

Garnets have a similar appearance and properties as rubies, carrying the same qualities of creativity, passion, and joy. But a significant difference is that garnets are less expensive in comparison. This affordability has made garnets one of the most sought-after gems in recent times. 

But garnets are not bought solely for romantic purposes. Many people believe that garnet accessories bring them luck at the workplace. Supposedly, garnets cast a positive vibe on all those around them, motivating people and enabling them to reach their full potential faster.

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