Reasons Why CBD Should Be Used for Tackling Health Issues of Your Cat

CBD has been immensely helpful in treating chronic health issues impacting your emotions and mood. However, currently, it is gaining traction by the day because of its efficacy in preventing various grave issues associated with your pet’s health.  As per, it may seem quite crazy but pots for pets are booming as more and more states in the United States are legalizing recreational cannabis. Even though veterinary fraternity is trying to exercise caution at best, an increasing number of pet owners claim that CBD help in easing chronic pain and anxiety in their pets. You could come across CBD treats, CBD oils, dog chews, and topical creams, etc. 

As per a report published by CNN, we understand that right from dog treats to doughnuts, CBD is fast becoming a literally multibillion dollar industry with mainstream appeal. Ever since the US Farm Bill was passed in 2018 that legalized hemp of course, with specific conditions, CBD products have resulted in an explosion in terms of popularity and availability. In this context, we know that CBD products have gained popularity because of their healing properties and soothing powers that ease the pain in the case of animals. 

Eases Discomfort from Pain & Swelling

Cornell University researchers have revealed that dogs consuming CBD to treat arthritis demonstrated a marked decrease in pain. We know that swelling and pain are regulated in a cat’s brain by his vanilloid receptor. CBD oils are great for treating swelling and pain as they effectively target the precise receptor and stop it from switching on. As this neuron becomes inactive, it would arrest the transmission of swelling and pain signals to the rest of the body. This results in the gradual alleviation of pain. This really works very effectively and so a brand new drug class is being planned to treat people and animals who are suffering from acute and chronic pain. CBD is successful in treating a broad spectrum of acute and chronic pain issues such as: Pancreatitis, Arthritis, Intestinal Inflammation, Asthma, Nerve-Associated Pain, Neuropathy Pain, etc. Visit for learning more about CBD.

Great for Managing Depression & Anxiety

Depression and anxiety are triggered partially by certain hormonal imbalance in your brain. Even though we generally, associate depression and anxiety with humans alone, the fact remains that cats and dogs too are susceptible to depression and anxiety. CBD for cats are great for managing depression and anxiety. It is quite helpful if your cat has fear or mood issues. It helps in easing the underlying tension and your cat is able to play and enjoy in his current environment.

Treats Epilepsy & Seizures

Seizures are triggered by electrical disruptions taking place in the brain. Cats often experience this condition characterized by violent shaking all over the body. CBD would be useful in counteracting seizures simply by effectively minimizing electrical disruptions. It suppresses the issue even though it may not completely cure the issue from the roots. It could minimize the frequency and duration of a seizure attack even in your cat.

Prevents Cancer

Even though there is not adequate information and studies for understanding fully why and how CBD may help in minimizing cancer effects, we come across a tremendous amount of evidence demonstrating its merits and overall advantages. 


We understand that CBD is pretty useful for boosting your pet’s overall health and well-being. It would be effectively preventing the development of long-term and serious health issues when included in your pet’s regular diet.

Written by George K.

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