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If you are like most people, your hands take quite a beating, day in and day out. The skin on your hands is thinner with the consistency of your eyelid and it is more sensitive than the skin on your face. Also, your hands must endure exposure to the sun, over sanitizing, and frequent washing.  

Without proper care, it’s clear that your hands are going to begin to look older sooner than other parts of your body. While this is true, there are several steps you can take to improve help beautify your hands. Keep reading to learn what those steps are.

Pamper Your Hands

When you have the rare opportunity to pamper yourself, there’s a good chance you focus on your face. However, since your hands are working harder and more susceptible to the signs of aging, it is a good idea to extend a bit of self-care to them, as well.

You can use a simple scrub (one designed for the body or face) to remove dead skin cells. Once removed, your moisturizing cream will be more effective. You can also reverse the look of dingy nails by running a lemon over the nail beds – this is actually a trick that nail models use. Before going to bed, be sure to apply a balm and moisture-sealing cotton gloves.

Eliminate Spots

The top enemy of your hands is the sun. Since your hands are often exposed to the sun, they can accumulate quite a bit of UV damage that can result in discoloration. One of the best defenses you have against photodamage is to use sunscreen.

Experts recommend applying a sunscreen that has 30 SPF to help prevent any new spots from developing. You can also use a brightening serum that includes tranexamic acid at night to help reduce the existing spots.

If you know you will be spending time outdoors, consider a pair of sun-protective, fingerless gloves. These are great for golfing, gardening, and even driving. By covering your hands, you can prevent any substantial sun damage from occurring.

Smooth Your Skin

You can help to reduce the appearance of fine lines by locking in moisture every time you wash your hands. A good choice is to apply an SPF 30 sunscreen moisturizer each day. It is a good idea to reapply this throughout the day from your hands up to your elbows. This will help to keep your hands and arms protected and damage-free.

It is also smart to use the anti-aging products that you use on your face to the backs of your hands. If you are using chemicals for cleaning, wear gloves, and only get gel manicures for special occasions since the UV light used to cure the polish can be damaging to your hands. By taking these steps, you will find that wearing jewelry like a round diamond, will be even more exciting because your hands appear young and healthy.

Increase the Volume

Just like your face, as time passes, your hands will lose collagen. This can result in the appearance of crepe-like skin along with more prominent veins. If there is less fat in your hands, your veins are going to show even more. While there are injections that can help with this, there are less invasive options, too. For example, you can apply a hyaluronic acid serum to the backs of your hands.

Get the Beautiful, Youthful Hands You Deserve

If you want to beautify your hands, be sure to keep the tips and information here in mind. It will help you avoid the signs of aging that often appear on your hands before anywhere else on the body.

If you need help with the beauty care regimen you use for your hands, reach out to the professionals. They can provide advice and guidance regarding the dos and don’ts of hand care and how to keep your hands beautiful and young-looking as long as possible. 

Written by George K.

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