Savaleos vs. Romaleos: Which Ones are Better for Your Needs?

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Each type of sporting activity demands an appropriate training shoe that facilitates performance. A comparison of Nike’s Savaleos vs Romaleos reveals the advanced design and features of the former model.

Romaleos is an extremely hardy and robust weightlifting shoe that Nike launched first. The design of the Savaleos uses Romaleos’ stable foundation and goes a step further by providing greater softness and comfort.

Nike launched the upgraded Savaleos model to also support functional fitness workouts besides weightlifting. Safety and improved performance are what Nike aims to deliver with footwear cut out for heavy-duty usage.

Differentiating Features

Romaleos are pure weightlifting footwear that delivers on looks, performance, and durability. Besides weightlifting, if you regularly indulge in other forms of workouts that involve box jumps and more movement, invest in the Savaleos model. When deciding on Savaleos vs. Romaleosfootwear, consider your purpose of use.

Enumerated below are notable differences between these two Nike models:

Grip and Sole

To help you perform lateral movements and box jumps, Nike has catered for a wider sole and sturdier grip in the Savaleos’ toe-box region. The stiffness and width of the sole betters the contact your foot has with the ground.

This feature is an upgrade from its Romaleos counterpart and assures stability while lifting weights and cross-training. Savaleos’ wide base uses the same Romaleos design as its foundation and builds on it to deliver on stability and durability.

Height Drop

The height drop facilitates technique and movement. With the Savaleos, this height drop feature is slightly lower, contributing to these training shoes delivering on versatility and lightness while you undertake weightless exercises. In comparison to Romaleos’ 19mm drop, the Savaleos model offers a 12.7 mm drop.

Shoe Weight

Nike’s Savaleos has a simpler heel and a single fastening strap, unlike the Romaleos model that incorporates two straps. These modifications in the shoe’s design correspondingly lower the weight of the Savaleos shoe. A Romaleos trainer is heavier in comparison. 

Push-Up Clip

An additional feature on the Savaleos’ heel is the handstand push-up clip. This extra inch of material prevents friction against the wall thereby, improving sliding. You can transition effortlessly to handstand push-ups from a barbell movement without switching your footwear, thanks to this welcome addition absent in the Romaleos.


The Savaleos delivers an enhanced cushioned support across your entire foot. With its padded tongue and a wide strap, the Salveos’ fit checks your boxes on snugness and comfort.

On the Savaleos heel is inserted a padded mesh to enhance breathability and impact absorption. No wonder on more explosive training sets, the Salveos performs better than the Romaleos.

Sound Levels

When you wear the Savaleos, you will notice the lower-pitched sound it emanates in contrast to the Romaleos. The minimal clatter in the former model makes it a relatively quieter shoe as you go about your training routine, be it cross-training or weightlifting.


Even when exercising without weights, Savaleos’ elevated heel assures your foot of optimum balance and stability. This versatile feature is a step above Romaleos’ inherent capability.

In terms of traction, there are no visible differences as the outsoles in both models are identical. Their slip-resistant rubber inclusion ensures a better grip. 

With the launch of Savaleos, Nike has significantly bridged the gap between cross-training and weightlifting. This model’s versatility, lightweight, and durability will encourage you to wear it during your daily workout routine.

Have clarity on what activities you intend to pursue with your weightlifting footwear securely strapped on and accordingly proceed with your purchase. When your sole focus is weightlifting, wearing a Romaleos pair fulfills that need. Should you be keen on cross-training alongside, your feet deserve Nike’s Savaleos footwear.

Examine all the integral attributes of the training gear before making a significant investment in footwear.

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