Uncommon but Awesome Fitness Activities to Try in 2020

Are you looking to step up your fitness game in 2020? Are you trying to branch out and try new things, while still keeping up with your New Year’s resolution? Then we’ve got some sports to seriously sell you on.

Sure, you could stick with the classic jogging, hiking, ang yoga – but those can get pretty dull if you’re doing them day after day. Why not switch it up instead with a workout routine that will make you excited to get out there and work? In this post, we’ll introduce you to some fun and exciting workout options along with some of the gear you’ll need for each. Let’s check it out.

Track racing

Track racing is basically running’s faster-paced, more intense cousin. Sure, you won’t get the hours and hours of cardio you do with a long-distance run, but you will still be burning tons of energy as you tear it up on the track.

What does track racing involve? Essentially, there are a number of events, like the 100m dash, or pole vaulting. Each of these involve running as fast as you can in short intervals. This makes track racing similar to popular HIIT workouts, which are known to elevate your heartrate and burn an ideal number of calories.

What do you need to get started? Try these:

  • Track spikes, which are shoes built specially for track
  • Running shorts
  • A track – usually your local college, high school, or YMCA will have a publicly available one
  • A stopwatch, as you’ll want to time your progress and improvements

So, what are you waiting for, hot rod? Go get ‘em!

Horseback riding

Yeehaw, partner – it’s time to saddle up and ride off into the sunset with your newest favorite active activity. Horseback riding is a pretty intense workout experience, if you didn’t know! What? That’s right. It engages several major muscle groups, including your abs, which get an intense workout from the up and down motion of the horse, your thighs, which must brace onto the beast for a firm hold, and your calves, which are constantly in play thanks to the stirrups.

What do you need to get started galloping around the racing course, or roaming the Wild West on horseback? Just a few items:

  • Horse
  • Saddle
  • Stirrups
  • Reins
  • Helmet
  • Riding boots

Horseback riding is fun, but it can be dangerous. Make sure you’ve received professional lessons before committing to this sport!


Sure, everyone’s heard of rock climbing, but are you familiar with bouldering? This cool new sport entered the scene recently, and is already making waves in the indoor and outdoor climbing communities.

So, how does bouldering differ from traditional rock climbing? Essentially, instead of using ropes and belays and hooks to make your way up the mountainside, you climb smaller rock formations – the titular boulders – without any external apparatus at all. What do you use for safety instead? Check it out:

  • Climbing shoes for superior grip on rocky surfaces
  • Comfy clothes that won’t impede movement on the rock face
  • Rock chalk to keep your hands dry and grippy
  • A crash pad, which is a big block of foam beneath you so if you fall you aren’t squished

Be sure never to boulder alone; always bring along a buddy. It’s more fun and much safer!

Uncommon but Awesome Fitness Activities to Try in 2020

Aerial yoga

Sure, you’ve heard of regular yoga, but are you ready for it’s high-flying twin cousin aerial yoga? This sport is all the rage in hip and trendy coastal yoga studios, which feature some of the most innovative takes on the centuries-old practice of yoga.

Aerial yoga takes the basic tenets of yoga – like deep breathing, mindful movement, and stretching – and applies them to motion through the air. Truly, the sky is the limit. So, how do these high-flying yogis attain their aerial status? With these essential supplies:

  • Yoga pants for flexibility and comfort during yoga practice
  • A yoga mat for a comfy place to do the ground-based portion of your yoga flow
  • Aerial yoga hammock to support you through the aerial portions of your workout

This one’s pretty simple! If you need help getting started, sign up for a class at your local yoga studio to learn the basics of the unique exercise – then get out there and get creative with your workout in 2020!

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