Showing Your Gratitude During the National Police Week

Police officers have a hard job; that of keeping us safe. Because of this, they put themselves in harm’s way on our behalf and that is why they require recognition. The National Police Week should be a time when civilians keep police officers in their thoughts and prayers. That said, there are lots of different ways to show gratitude to the police during this week. Below are a few of them.

The National Police Week

The National Police Week is meant to recognize police officers and other people who work in law enforcement. These can include anyone from sheriffs to correctional officers. It is also a time of remembrance of those who have passed away in the line of duty as well as a time of reflection on how the police and the general public can work together better.

Buy Them a Drink or Dinner

It is likely that if you live in Washington DC, you will see a lot of police officers around during this time. If you see any of them at any of the establishments you visit, it would be a good gesture to buy them a drink or dinner.

Hang a Blue Flag Off Your Porch

This is yet another way to show your gratitude for the work police officers do. Hang a blue flag off your porch to show any police officers who pass by that you are with them and they are in your thoughts.

Stop by the Police Station

In a world with lots of negative feelings towards and stories about the police, it is always a good idea to remember that they are human too. During the National Police Week, visit the police station and talk to them.

Donate to the National Peace Officers’ Memorial Service

Even though the National Police Support Fund sponsors National Police Week, it is also made possible by generous donations made by sponsors, corporates, and individuals. If you would like to donate, go through the Grand Lodge FOP Foundation. They have all the details you need if you would like to donate.

Share Positive Police Stories on Social Media

Traditional, online, and social media are full of negative police stories. To show the police your appreciation, you can always post positive police stories on your social media accounts. Videos work best but written prose works too. You can share these posts with others so they too can see that it is not all bad when it comes to the police.

Write a Letter to Your Local Police Department

If you cannot or do not have the time to visit the police station, you can always write a letter thanking local police officers for their service and sacrifices.

Thank the Police Personally

If you see any police officers during National Police Week, it will make their day if you thanked them for their service.


There are so many negative misconceptions about the police and they do not always get treated well. During National Police week, it would be a good idea to show them your gratitude so that they know they are thought about.

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