Should I Sell My Home Fast for Cash or Should I Hire a Realtor?

Did you know that an estimated 6 million homes were sold in the United States of America in 2021? The big dilemma that many homeowners face in 2022 is the decision of whether or not to sell my home fast for cash. There is a certain appeal to selling your home to cash home buyers rather than taking steps to hire a real estate agent.

If you have the experience and the connections then you can save a lot of money by choosing to go through the house selling process without the help of a professional real estate agent. The good news is that you’ve found the right article to learn about the pros and cons of selling your home fast for cash versus choosing to hire a real estate agent.

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Pros of Selling My Home Fast for Cash

One of the biggest reasons that homeowners look at selling their homes to cash home buyers is the fact that the transaction process is much faster than going through the house selling process with a buyer that is using financing. You’ll get instant cash offers that will help you determine how much your home is worth on the market.

The fast home sales are another big benefit, especially if you’ve already purchased a new home. You don’t want to find yourself in a situation where you’re paying two separate mortgages. The closing process for a house when you sell it for cash is only a few days compared to a few months with a real estate agent.

There is also no need for costly repairs and the process of staging your home for open houses. If you’re short on cash or you’re looking to avoid foreclosure it is popular to sell your home to cash home buyers like There are no bonus points for staging your home for potential cash buyers since they’re happy with the home in its current state.

Cons of Selling My Home Fast for Cash

There are definitely some drawbacks that you need to consider before you dive head first into selling your home fast for cash. One thing to consider is that you’re likely to get some low initial cash offers from people that are trying to get a deal. These people want to purchase your home for less than it’s worth and then flip it for a profit.

Sometimes these people will make some minor renovations and upgrade some appliances before selling the home on the real estate market. Their primary goal is to pay as little as possible in order to get your home and maximize their profits. Don’t let these people waste your time.

It’s also difficult to get bidders to compete against each other for your home. It’s possible that you’ll end up in a situation where you only have on offer and can either accept or decline. There is more work involved with finding potential buyers when you choose to set your house price and sell to a cash buyer.

There are no guarantees that the sale will go through with your potential cash buyers either. You need to have the agreement for the sale signed by both parties for everything to get finalized.

Pros of Hiring a Real Estate Agent

One of the headaches associated with the house selling process is the mountain of paperwork that you’ll need to deal with in order for the deal to go through. A professional real estate agent will have no problems sorting and reading through all of the important documents associated with selling your home for cash. You’ll decrease your odds of errors and omissions with a real estate agent.

You’ll also save yourself a considerable amount of time and energy. Some people enjoy the process of selling a home and hosting open houses and tours. For the people that don’t, hiring a real estate agent puts that burden on their shoulders rather than your own. It’s also your gateway to learning more about how the house selling process works for use in the future.

These real estate agents are also great because they can use their large network to find people that will be interested in purchasing your house for cash. You can also find people to inspect and appraise your home for lower rates thanks to your real estate agent.

Their negotiation skills could also come in handy if you’re trying to get a better price when selling your house. Make no mistake, negotiating is an art form and you want someone that is skilled in negotiations to be at the helm during this part of the process.

Cons of Hiring a Real Estate Agent

A big reason why people look for ways to avoid using a real estate agent is the fact that you need to pay considerable fees for their help and expertise. Expect to lose up to 6 percent of your home’s cost by hiring a real estate agent to help you with the home selling process.

You also need to keep in mind that you’re one of a number of clients that the real estate agent is helping. You won’t get their full attention when you’re trying to sell your home fast. This is a big deal when you’re looking at working with agents that are overworked and trying to manage too many clients at once.

Working with an agent will also cause you to work on their schedule rather than your own. Since they have other clients you’ll need to move your schedule around to meet them and sell my home fast for cash with their help.

Start Preparing to Sell My Home Fast for Cash

There are some serious benefits that come with choosing to sell my home fast for cash rather than working with a real estate agent. You’ll save a ton of money since you won’t owe them a 6 percent fee and you’ll close the deal in a matter of days rather than months. Choosing not to hire a real estate agent means that you’ll need to handle all of the paperwork and marketing of your home when selling to cash home buyers.

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