Should you pull out That Hanging Tooth?

If you are a parent of a 6-year-old, you very well know the drama that ensues when one of the baby teeth decides that it would like to stay more but is not sure how. This baby tooth, hanging from the last strand, can very well lead to many opera performances, especially during food time. So, should you pull it out and let everyone enjoy their meal, or should you rush to Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics center?

The answer to this question is a straight no, and you should not pull out a tooth using a cloth or using the doorknob trick. This is because a hanging tooth almost always means that it is not entirely ready to go, and tugging on it might lead to pain and bleeding. A baby tooth that has been pulled out way too early can lead to excessive bleeding, which may need medical attention. Also, the secondary tooth may have issues coming out in the vacant slot at a later time. So, the tooth should come out naturally.

When you Should not Pull out a Hanging Tooth

While the best advice for the tooth situation is to have patience and wait for the process to complete naturally, some cases might need external intervention. In such cases, the best thing to do is to meet a pediatric dentist and discuss the situation. If you are feeling brave and have some experience in the matter, you can assess the job yourself and check out a few points before you decide a plan of action. Do not pull out the tooth if you observe the following:

1. The tooth is slightly loose

A slightly loose tooth has strong roots, which means it is not ready to fall yet. Pulling out such a tooth will lead to a nerve injury and will also result in a lot of pain and bleeding from the spot. This kind of tooth has to be left alone and shouldn’t be creating much trouble in chewing except in someone’s imagination. Jokes apart, you can take this opportunity to explain the whole process to your child and alleviate their anxiety by helping them understand that this tooth is not going to fall right now. Plus, one major thing that the kids need to know is that a naturally falling tooth does not cause pain at all.

2. There is Pain

If your child complains of pain when the tooth is touched or while eating, that tooth is not ready to be pulled out. In this case, according to this professional dentist in Tarzana, it is recommended to wait for a few days until the pain subsides. As already mentioned discomfort indicates that the tooth is still in the process of detaching and may take a few days before it is entirely ready to go off. So, do not pull. If a tooth is extremely painful and has become the source of constant entertainment during dinner times, you can consider visiting a doctor who specializes in Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics. He/she can check the tooth and assess if there is an infection in the tooth or it’s just drama from the little person.

3. Pulling might damage other teeth

Sometimes pulling out a tooth may damage the tooth next to it. So, the process needs thorough analysis before a destructive action that may lead to another tooth extraction. Again, visiting a doctor can be the best way out of the situation. Always remember, do not pull if you are not sure about what you are doing.

Easy Ways to Get Rid of a Hanging Tooth

There are a few simple methods that can help in getting rid of a problematic tooth sooner than its due date. These have been tried and tested by kids and their moms over centuries.

1. Constant Wiggling by Tongue

Remember the feeling of touching the wiggly tooth with your tongue and getting surprised at the raw taste of the surrounding skin. This process is great to loosen a tooth faster than its natural process. If your kid is comfortable in wiggling and does not feel any pain, ask him/her to do that consistently. No, this won’t result in a crooked tooth; no study supports this age-old myth.

2. Ignore the Tantrums

Falling teeth between the ages of 5-9 is a very natural process. There are hardly any cases in the world where things got too complicated for a child. So, the best will be to ignore the drama and let nature take its course. If you suspect there might be something wrong, you can always approach a Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics doctor and ask for advice. You know your child the best, so if you think it’s nothing but drama, to avoid eating that plate of broccoli, roll your eyes.


It is very natural for your child to feel some pain and discomfort when it’s time to lose a tooth. Support them with proper information and help with problems like swollen gum or bleeding. If the tooth in the case is almost done with its journey and is hanging by a thread, keep in mind the points mentioned above and do the needful. Oh, and do not forget to morph into a tooth fairy at night. 

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