Six of the Best Cities to Live and Work in the UK

Best Cities to Live

Every city in the UK has a different atmosphere and signature characteristics. Some are the epitome of modern Britain, while others take pride in their history and tradition. Cities can be difficult places to navigate, especially if you work at home. Apartment prices are on the rise, and many of us don’t have the luxury of an at-home office. Fortunately, there is much more work and office space available in the city for people who commute. 

If you are looking for a new adventure, here are the six best cities to live and work in the UK. 


The UK’s capital, London, is brimming with professional and personal opportunities. The city is incredibly diverse and home to numerous ex-pat communities. You will often receive a higher wage in London to combat the increased cost of living. There is an accessible and efficient transport network across the city, with the London underground, buses, trains and taxis available. House prices are extremely high in London, and renting may be your only option for a while. You can save money by living outside of the central area, sharing a multi-occupancy with a few housemates or staying with your family.    


Liverpudlians are friendly and always up for a night on the town: Liverpool has a vibrant atmosphere and a wonderful history with pop culture. If you are a fan of the Beatles, Liverpool may be just the place for you. You can visit John Lennon’s childhood home and even spot the yellow submarine on the docks. The scouse city is also rising in economic stature and is one of the best cities to build a career within.


If you can’t afford London, head to Britain’s second largest city, Birmingham. For more affordable living prices and easy accessibility to the capital, the West Midlands’ metropolis is very well connected by train to the rest of the country. There are work opportunities in a variety of areas, playing host to the headquarters of many prominent businesses.


Toxic work environments, with gossiping, bullying and favouritism can make professional life unbearable. Signage specialist instantprint undertook a survey of 1000 UK workers employed in offices and found that Southampton was rated one of the best cities to work in: the south-coast city is home to healthy office environments and company cultures. 


Scotland is known for its history and tradition. The Scottish capital, Edinburgh, has plenty of opportunities for budding professionals and a wonderful sense of culture. You can listen to the sound of bagpipes on your way to work and enjoy the city’s festivals at the weekend. There is also a low level of crime here compared to the rest of Scotland, making it a safe place to live too. 


Leeds is the largest city in Yorkshire and houses three universities. With so many students and young professionals, it’s no surprise that Leeds is home to plenty of innovative businesses. Also, the city hosts an array of events and festivals that make it difficult not to fall in love with this beautiful area of West Yorkshire. Head to Leeds to take in the magnificent views and energetic city life while you’re only a few minutes away of the beautiful Yorkshire countryside.  

Choose the best city for you and your career this year. Although with a positive mindset you can make it work almost anywhere, choosing the best city for you, your wants and needs will make it so much easier to love this new chapter of your life. Take the risk and enjoy the ride

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