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Do you have a favorite vlogger on Facebook who cooks specific recipes that you wish you had all the time with you? Worry no more we have the best  Facebook video downloader for you to cherry-pick from so that you can enjoy whatever recipe you want without worrying about your internet speed.

1. RapidVideoDownloader

This is one of the coolest downloading options there are for easy downloads. You don’t even have to leave the browser while downloading content here. It’s such a godsend if you don’t like wasting your time on the screen too much, the process of downloading is quite fast and easy. You are also able to download private videos. One of its most amazing features remains that you can re-upload and back up videos that Facebook doesn’t allow. 


This is one of the antique downloaders available on the world wide web. If you wish to download live facebook videos then this is the website for you. You are also able to download the videos in MP3 and MP3 formats. The added feature it offers is the video to audio conversion. This is a free website and all you have to do is copy-paste the URL of the desired video into the input box of this brilliant website and there you have it in a matter of seconds, your favorite video from Facebook on your device.


This is quite a very accessible website, the coolest feature it has is that it offers you videos for your offline use. The platform generates a direct link to Facebook and it works in the chrome browser like a stallion on a sunny day ( a Proverb we learned on one of the Facebook videos) the tool happens to be quite handy with android. The only thing is that you would need to download firefox web before you do that. Once that is done you can open Facebook you just need to right-click the video you want, copy-paste its URL on and there you have it. 

4. Fastvid

This is one of the fastest facebook video downloaders available right now. It has a very basic interface that is very easy to use. It is also very firm and secure. As soon as you start the download process the platform hosts it directly on Facebook servers which basically means that this platform does not store your videos and it also doesn’t keep a track of your history. It provides you with the virtue of anonymity. To download Facebook videos with the help of Fastvid you have to copy the link from Fb, paste it in the site’s input box, and then click download. You can save this video on your PC and Phone in the desired resolution.

5. Getfvid

This is one of the coolest Facebook video downloaders, it offers you to download the video that can also be converted into MP3 and MP4 format. It’s an ideal downloader for tablets, mobiles, and PCs. You can save the desired videos in your phone. The platform has a user-friendly interface that’s quite accessible. You just have to go to Facebook, click right on the video and copy the URL and then go to the Getfvid homepage and paste the video link in the download box. Then you just click download and there you have it. It offers you the resolution of SD and HD quality and the downloads happen very fast.


This is an amazing downloader it lets you download Facebook videos in high resolution and you can also directly save them in MP4 format. It is compatible with iPhones, Windows, Android, Linux, and even Mac. The interface is quite accessible and it is also free. The coolest feature is that the download takes only two steps. You just copy the facebook URL and paste the link on the homepage of and click download. It’s just that simple and efficient.


Facebook has been a popular site for all the right reasons. It has been in the making of being a legend ever since it started and although it has become something extremely opposite to what it set out to do we can’t deny its relevance. In the light of its censorship rules, it’s nice to have resources that can help you navigate through it all, be it for your favorite recipe or cat video.

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