Solutions To Gun Violence In Schools 


Preventing gun violence in schools is a priority for every school district in North America. The prevalence of gun deaths and gun assaults in schools is a serious concern, especially as it’s affecting children and teenagers in a place where there should be no worry of violence or harm coming to them. 

As we will explore, the solutions to gun violence in schools range from advanced school security solutions backed by data to mental health supports and ensuring problematic behaviour among students receives attention.

Mental Health Assessments for all Gun Owners

Keep guns out of the hands of people who should not have them. If you’re suffering from a severe mental illness, have been flagged down by police, have incidents on record, and are deemed a safety risk, taking away one’s guns should be a step to keep the individual and their community safer.

AI-led Gun Detection Technology is Non-Invasive

The rise of AI threat detection will increase security in schools. Advanced gun detection technology means sensors can be set up at every entrance or exit. These sensors can identify a weapon without searching anyone. Concealed weapons instantly become viewable. Personnel can be notified at that time, and action can be taken to remove the weapon from school premises.

Engage in Crisis Intervention Programs for Individuals

A person in crisis requires help. Unfortunately, in the past, this help is not always there. That needs to change. Isolated, lonely, and angry people are those who turn to committing school violence. This is a win for all if the crisis can be averted and aided before it affects others.

Set up Safe and Trusting School Environments

To keep a school safe, every individual can report suspicious activity if they see it and seek mental health counselling if they feel they may be at risk of pursuing violence. A safe, trusting school setting requires teachers, staff, and students to care for themselves and one another in empathetic, understanding ways.

Use an Evidence-Based Focus on Student Well-Being

If someone shows overt aggression or violent tendencies, it’s key to not shame or punish them. Instead, treat them. Offer them care and compassion. Most school shooters are current or former students, nearly all showing warning signs, sometimes months and years before committing the act. The best solution to gun violence in schools is always going to be prevention.

Lock Upgrades for Every Door Inside and Out

When a school goes into lockdown, an effective lock on every door, once activated, can limit access a shooter would normally have. This applies to internal and external doors. Locks either stop the violence, limit its reach, or slow it down so law enforcement can intervene before more harm is done. In addition to locks, consider other ways to slow a shooter down, such as fencing around the perimeter.

Stop Utilizing School Gun Violence Solutions That Don’t Work

Checkpoints do not work. Arming teachers only increases the likelihood of more violence. Checking for weapons does not work. Security personnel at school only serve to communicate how unsafe the environment is. We know these things from several studies on school security and gun violence. Look at the data as one integrates gun violence solutions into a school setting.

Visible Security Measures Can Make Students Feel Less Safe

Law enforcement officials or clothed security personnel have proven that, for many students, it makes them feel less safe. The same can be said with adding metal detectors and surveillance cameras. It particularly impacts students with disabilities, students from low-income families, and students of colour. The school security solutions one implements should be as non-visible and non-invasive as possible.

Access Control That Monitors who Enters and Exits

The school layout should be put together in a way where who enters and exits can be monitored. A visitor sign-up sheet or check-in should be required. IDs can be asked for. Security personnel can be nearby monitoring video surveillance for anyone approaching or entering. Furthermore, external doors can be locked during class time to prevent someone from slipping in unnoticed or unchecked. There is a lot one can do to monitor access.

Review Policies Regularly to Ensure They Are Working

Some strategies may not work. Some school security solutions may prove ineffective in your circumstances. Always review what you’re doing. This also ensures it is not disproportionately affecting marginalized students or students of colour.

Educate Teachers and Staff on Emergency Planning

Should the worst happen and gun violence occur, teachers and staff must know how to limit movement in the school, how to protect their students, and what to do. While active shooter drills have shown that they do not prevent gun violence nor protect a school community any better, teachers and staff who know the environment around them and the security resources can act quickly and minimize damage.

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