Stop Saying “I Quit”: Your 2022 Fitness Goals Can Finally Be Achieved By Getting Rid of These 5 Excuses

Your 2022 Fitness Goals Can Finally Be Achieved By Getting Rid of These 5 Excuses

It’s proving to be a “Happy” start to the New Year for many.  With the rise from the lockdown, everyone couldn’t be more ecstatic to leap into 2022 with a fresh perspective & new resolutions. Getting fit is at the top of that list for many, but it’s more than just their resolution, it’s becoming a necessary solution. When you combine the weight gain from the holidays with the extra pounds put on by the pandemic, finding new ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle is proving to be of high priority.  Those eager to transform their bodies and their health are hoping to finally stop saying “I Quit”, while overcoming their excuses. 

A recent study reported that 42% of U.S. adults gained more weight than they intended as a result of the pandemic.  In fact, the average was 29 lbs.  For some, that pushed their BMI (Body Mass Index) over into the obese category.  But now more than ever, the world is seeing just how important it is to build immunity and how obesity can wreak havoc in conjunction with an illness such as COVID-19. 

Interesting, during one of last year’s lockdowns, one busy mom found inspiration to continue to stay fit. Nicole Pekerman, a health and fitness guru, shared that when the gyms closed in her area she started working out at home. Furthermore, she also stated that “One day while I was on the treadmill, my child said to me ‘Mom wouldn’t it be great if you could get paid for working out’.” It was at that moment that a lightbulb went off and Pekerman decided to launch her company, Paid Workout, a fitness app designed to help others stay motivated by earning cash winnings to reach their fitness goals. 

Of course, fitness apps gained even more popularity at the turn of the New Year as many started working on their 2022 resolutions to become more fit. But, while many have started the year anxious about weight loss, trends show that by March, most end up quitting. Unfortunately, it’s a trend that continuously happens. Here’s why! 

Lack of motivation. 

Though most have every intention of getting more active with working out consistently as well as eating healthy, it is not always easy to stay motivated.  When it hasn’t been a normal routine, many are not prepared for the dedication and hard work getting fit requires.  If the desire is there only for the results and not the exercise, it’s not easy to stay the course.  It’s no wonder people are thinking outside the box for creative ways to workout and stay motivated. 

Life “happens” and gets busy. 

Just when many seem to finally get into a workout rhythm, life throws a curveball.  It could be more work on the job, kids extra curricular activities, or an unforeseen event. Bottom line, when life gets overwhelming, it causes the fitness goals for many to take a back seat.  One thing we can count on is the continual movement of life.  However, many can’t seem to keep their body moving in the process.  Before they know it, they’ve spent hours being sedentary at a computer trying to complete an unexpected new assignment.  The question then becomes, “How do I keep healthy as life only gets busier?” 

“My desire is to keep the masses motivated to get fit while winning cold hard cash to do it” says Nicole Pekerman.  With Paid Workout, her desire is to help individuals stay in the wellness game and commit to their goals for the year so that they don’t say “I Quit”.  

So, here are her insights on the top five excuses why people quit and solutions that can help them change the narrative;

Excuse #1.  I cannot afford the gym membership.. 

Having a gymbership can get pricey.  Keep in mind that even with a membership, many still don’t go.

Solution:  You do not need a gym to workout! Take a look around your home.  What equipment do you have to help you with your fitness goals? Start by adding items to help you in the following areas; strength training (ex. variety of weights), cardio (ex.treadmill), balance (ex. Bosu ball), and stretching (ex. resistance bands).  Once you’ve equipped your home, simply pull up a workout video online and get started. 

Excuse #2.  I don’t know where to start. 

If you haven’t worked out in a while, starting a new routine can be intimidating.

Solution:  Having a coach is a great way to start your journey.  Let’s face it, they know more than you.  Trainers have the expertise and will help ensure you progress safely with your workout plan.  You don’t have to hire them long term.  Just as an initial guide to gain support, help you establish proper form, and give you workouts that will help you achieve muscular balance. There are so many incredible free resources online too! Just a quick google search can get you started. Even going for a walk around the block is a start!

Excuse #3.  With all my family’s activities, I just don’t have the time. 

Life will only get busier.  You don’t have to feel like you have to spend two hours in the gym! 

Solution:  Micro workouts are more impactful than most people think.  A simple twenty minutes of a challenging workout can work wonders towards a healthy heart.  In fact, the American Heart Association recommends about 21 minutes of moderate exercise per day. 

Excuse #4. Working out is boring and I don’t have the motivation. 

Thinking outside the box and making exercise fun will keep you going back for more! 

Solution:  A great way to make working out more fun is to download fun apps that will pay you to workout.  Having an incentive is a fun way to stay motivated.  

Excuse #5. I am too obese to move.. 

It’s important to never compare yourself to those that are thinner.  Working out and a healthy lifestyle is for everyone! 

Solution: Remember, wellness is a journey and not a destination.  Start with small goals that you can achieve.  It may even be walking for just five minutes on the treadmill.  Stay consistent, and don’t give up.  Every little step in the right direction helps. 

Finally, people are finding hope in shedding unwanted weight. It doesn’t have to be the same sad story where you start your fitness resolution at the beginning of the year and throw in the towel during the first quarter. Saying “I quit” is being replaced by fun and creative ways to work out thanks to innov

Thanks to innovative apps that will pay you to workout as well as stay connected to a motivating community, people are sure to stay consistent and not quit.  Not to mention, there are now many solutions to the excuses that have stopped people in their workout tracks. In fact, for those who are able to stay committed to their fitness routine past the March timeframe, they could be well on their way to having a sustainable lifestyle of wellness that can last them for years to come.  

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