Stranger Things Season 3 Ending: Explanation of the post-credits scene. Of course, this will include spoilers.

Stranger Things
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On Thursday Stranger Things returned in its third season, which presented the usual amount of monster mayhem, eighties nostalgia and our favourite main characters which the audience has come to expect from the series. Yet there were several big moments in the series’ final episode which may have left many fans with questions.

The Upside Down is still tormenting the town of Hawkins. Two further dramatic moments were Hawkins’ possible death and the moment Eleven lost her powers, which came about in the penultimate episode. There was also a post-credits scene which hopefully fans were able to watch.

As for Hopper’s death, it wasn’t entirely clear whether this occurred or not. It happened when the Russian Andrey Ivchenko started a fight with hopper as the others were distracted with the machine built by the Russians. Although we never see his death, it is pronounced by a newspaper article some months later, so we can assume that it is correct. Yet the post-credit scene puts this into doubt.

Stranger Things post-credits scene

For the first time since the show was launched, there was a post-credits scene. In it, we are taken back to Soviet Russia, where the season started, and we see a Russian being taken from the original Kamchatka prison and fed to the Demogorgon. The key bit comes when the guards are about to take someone out of the cell, but a man stops them with the words ‘No, not the American.’ In these words, then, there is a possibility that Hopper can return in a future season. We’ll have to wait and see.

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