Sunscreen Slip-Ups That You Should Avoid

Sunscreen Slip-Ups

Sunscreens have been a game-changer in the world of cosmetic advancements even though sunscreen falls under the drug category by FDA. A good sunscreen can protect your skin and has many benefits. We have been told by experts to protect ourselves with good sunscreen yet we tend to make some unintentional slip-ups that can harm our skin. 

We are here to give some sunscreen slip-ups that you should avoid to make your sunscreen work for you. Sunscreens work only if it is properly used. There is a wide array of sunscreens available today with maximum SPF (Sun Protection Factor), potent formulas, and much more. It can block out the UV( A and B) rays.  A premium quality sunscreen will protect you from the harsh rays of the sun as it goes through a lot of testing before it is available for people to use it. 

Even after all the testing is done, if you don’t use it in the right manner it will not be of any use. The mighty sunscreen has gained a lot of popularity thanks to the wonders it can do for your screen. The secret lies in the application, how you apply the sunscreen can determine whether it can keep aging away or even fight cancer of the skin. 

Let us look at some of the sunscreen slip-ups that you should avoid. 

Applying too little 

Be generous when it comes to applying sunscreen. Many times we take out tiny amounts of sunscreen and apply it, which should be avoided. The high amount of SPF present in your sunscreen won’t work if you use a minuscule amount of it. According to dermatologists, if you are going to be sunbathing and enjoying yourself at the beach you should apply at least an ounce of sunscreen which equals a shot glass. A coin-sized amount of sunscreen will be enough for your face. 

Missing out on reapplication 

Not many people are aware that sunscreens too need touch up. Sunscreens on the skin can be effective for a few hours but not throughout the day. We wish it would protect us all day but it does not. It is suggested that you should top up your sunscreen within two hours! And if you go swimming or tend to sweat a lot, reapplication time should be even shorter. 

Even the ones that claim to be water-resistant will last only for around 1hour and 20 mins, so be mindful of reapplying your sunscreen accordingly. 

Ignoring sunscreen when it is raining 

This is a common slip-up that many do. We think that sunscreen is only useful on a bright sunny day, but it is not true. Sunscreen should be used every day irrespective of the weather. Many people also think sunscreen is not important if you are staying indoors. It is not true, even if you don’t step out of the house please apply your sunscreen. 80 percent of the sun’s UV rays are still going to reach you, whether you see the sun or not. Make sunscreen a part of your routine as the sun never skips a day. 

Not allowing your skin to absorb the sunscreen 

Another common slip-up is that many people do not allow the skin to absorb the sunscreen. This means not letting it completely dry on the skin before layering up with other cosmetic products. Allow your skin to completely soak off the humble sunscreen and then apply other products over it. 

Applying other products over sunscreen before it has been absorbed will only get it diluted. This will render it ineffective for obvious reasons. Applying makeup involves brushing and dabbing which can remove some of your sunscreen that you religiously apply every day. This defeats the purpose of applying sunscreen in the first place. 

Final Words 

These were some of the sunscreen slip-ups that you should avoid to let sunscreen work its magic. Some of these slip-ups might seem familiar, as we all at some point have done it. Being mindful of applying sunscreen every day and appropriately is essential to get the most out of it. Remember that sunscreen is not a magic potion that will work instantly, it takes time and regular application to make it work. Choose a sunscreen that you like and the one that suits your skin so that you stick to it every day without fail. Sunscreens are truly blessings that you shouldn’t avoid. 

Written by Abhishek

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