Taking Care of the Elderly During These Testing Times

We, as a society, are facing a pandemic that no one expected to arise. The spread of the coronavirus has shut down so many places, modes of transport, and even cities. WHO advises people to practice social distancing and avoid going out at all costs. 

It is difficult for all of us, but if we think of it, these are the most difficult times for the elderly living alone.

In a state of shock, when it is difficult to travel anywhere immediately, we constantly fear for the well being of our elders who are living alone.

The other major problem because of this pandemic is the crowd in hospitals. We know this virus can have its worst effects on an elder, how important is it for us to keep them out of the hospitals. That is where personal alarms step in. 

What are the personal alarms? 

Many services have come up with a product that is designed keeping convenience in mind. The personal alarms for the elderly are designed to help the elderly get immediate assistance or help when they need it. 

When you press the alarm, it sends an alert to the 24/7 service who immediately sends help. In some cases, they inform the elderly’s emergency contact or call their emergency services, whatever is needed. With this alarm, you can be sure that the safety of your elderly loved one is in good hands. There won’t be a time in the day when they would need the help and help won’t be there. 

Why do the elderly need it? 

The Elderly are more prone to health problems that require immediate attention. And when they live alone, they need an easy and convenient way to call for help. They can’t wait for others to come and find out if they have fallen when they can alert the people and get help immediately.

What are the different types of alarms?

While keeping in mind the convenience, there are two kinds of alarms. One you can wear around your neck like a pendant, while the other can be strapped around the wrist like a bracelet. This way, an alarm will always be close enough to the person using it. This can be a life-saving device when the person is alone. 

What are the features of this alarm? 

These alarms make a loud noise to alert people in the immediate vicinity. They come with a fall detector, so as soon as the person falls, the services will be alerted. Some alarms also come with a GPS to help track people with dementia who tend to wander. Some alarms also have a two-way communication setup, where the elderly can communicate about the problems he/she is facing and get assisted accordingly. Even with all these features, the main feature remains that they set an alert as soon as you hit it. 

We all have a loved one who is living far from us and alone. We try to do the best we can to help them live life independently. These alarms are a blessing. When you know that the person has this alarm, they will get the best help possible, and would not have to wait for any help to come along later.

Written by George K.

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