Mood Boosters 101: 5 Things You May Not Know

Life doesn’t always go the way you want it to be. Bad days can happen, taking your mood along for the ride. For most people, the feeling of doom and gloom is not a chronic condition. Just a spoonful of your favorite chocolate cake or a few hours of streaming your favorite shows can surely improve your mood.

Still, some need more than sweet treats and diversion to feel better about their days. A person’s mood or emotional reaction is not just caused by life events like stepping on dog poop on your way to work. Your brain chemicals, body hormones, and the environment you’re in are some of the significant factors that determine how you feel. 

For instance, many people struggle with seasonal affective disorder (SAD), a mood disorder wherein the person experiences extreme mood changes from time to time. This condition can affect everything from eating habits to sleep patterns. If you suffer from mood disorders like SAD, you need to be more resourceful when dealing with your condition.

Below are some mood boosters you may be surprised to learn that work for many people.

  • Take Mood-Boosting Supplements And Stimulants

Probiotic products, Ginkgo Biloba, green tea, and curcumin are some of the recommended supplements that can help boost your mood. These supplements are designed to increase dopamine levels in your brain, which, in turn, triggers the feeling of pleasure.

Other than supplements, there are also non-toxic therapeutic compounds like Cyclazodone. Enhanced motivation and mood, high levels of wakefulness, and antidepressant efficacy without toxicity are some of the effects of Cyclazodone.

  • Exercise Both Your Body And Mind

More than just a proper way to attain a healthy body, physical activity can also boost your mood. By doing regular exercise, you improve your body’s blood circulation and nervous system health. It’s vital in regulating brain chemicals that affect mood and emotion.  

But other than your muscles, you also need to exercise your brain. There are many types of brain exercises. One is by giving your brain a meaningful purpose every day. Give your brain the motivation by pushing it to think. Once you accomplish your daily brain activities, you will feel capable of doing anything, which will be good for your mood. It’s where brain games can help in sharpening your mental skills and improving your mood.

  • Do Meditation

There’s a reason why many people who practice yoga and other similar disciplines seem to feel happy every day. The secret is meditation. Training your brain to be attentive and more focused can result in mental clarity and emotional calmness. With an improved mental state, your mood becomes lighter and cheerful. Another testament to meditation’s effectiveness is the fact that many medical facilities now offer meditation rooms.

You don’t have to sign up for yoga classes. There are books and online resources that can help you learn meditation techniques. 

  • Participate In Social Activities

Did you know that being alone in your room for days or weeks can make you feel down? Solitude has its advantages, but being isolated can negatively affect your mood. Humans are meant to connect with each other. Socializing is part of your DNA. Therefore, if you want to improve your mood, you better make it a point to go out of your room and get in touch with your family and friends. If you don’t have many friends, you can still socialize by joining classes or doing volunteer work.

  • Fight Off Stress

Stress is the ultimate downer. It can affect not just your physical health but also your mood. If you want to improve how you feel, you must minimize or banish stress from your life. One way to do this is to break down big chores into smaller tasks. This way, you don’t feel overwhelmed by your work. Each time you finish a small task, you feel closer to accomplishing your primary goal, and happy brain chemicals will surely kick in. 

Also, be kind to yourself. Most people are stressed out because they fail to reach their goals and then blame it on themselves. Never view yourself as a failure. There will be setbacks in life, but it doesn’t mean you will not be successful. Give yourself more elbow room to improve. Soon enough, you will feel better. 


Mood changes are brought about by many factors such as brain chemicals, hormones, and the environment. Having a bad mood is normal for everyone. But some people struggle with mood disorders daily. If you’re one of them, know that you don’t have to endure your condition for the rest of your life. There are mood boosters that can help improve how you feel. You can take supplements and stimulants, do mental and physical exercises, meditate, fight stress, and socialize.

Written by George K.

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