The 7 Best Ways to Keep Safe at the Water Park

The 7 Best Ways to Keep Safe at the Water Park

Across the United States, water parks offer people a way to cool off and beat the heat. There are so many water attractions, sprays, waves, and wild rides at a water park, but it’s important to stay safe while visiting one. It’s no secret that you go to the water park to make your kids happy. Keeping them happy also involves keeping them safe. Be sure to read over our top 7 ways to stay safe at the water park before you go.

1. Always Keep A Close Watch On Your Young Ones

You should always keep an eye on them no matter if they are experienced or new swimmers. Swim close together with your children so that you can remain vigilant for possible dangers. A watchful eye will keep you in front of any potential danger, especially at water parks.

2. Give Them Life Jackets OrFloaties

It is recommended that you equip new swimmers with floaties or a life vest when they join you in the water. You will likely be watching, but chances are they will be wading the shallow end of the wave pool alone. If you’re not within proximity, this can provide some protection. The bubbles are also great for helping them bounce back up after a long, fast water slide.

3. Dress Appropriately For The Day

During the waterpark visit, your most of the day will be outside, in the heat. Dress appropriately to avoid getting sunburned, experiencing heat stroke, or becoming dehydrated. Wear water shoes, a hat and a loose t-shirt when you need a break from the water and sunglasses. Watch young children closely and monitor how much time they spend in the sun.

4. Wear Sunscreen

Also, protect your skin from the sun by applying waterproof sunscreen 30 minutes before entering the park and reapplying throughout the day. If you’ve been in the water, you should reapply waterproof sunscreen every 80 minutes, especially if you’ve dried yourself off with a towel in the interim. If you’re going to a water park, you’ll need to bring lip balm and sunscreen with you. The FDA advises using sunscreen with SPF 15 or higher. Although it may be a cooler day and the wind is blowing, the sun can still be brutal. Also, the water reflects the sun. Wear sunblock on yourself and the kids with you. Using lip balm will also keep your lips protected from the elements.

5. Stay Hydrated

Sun exposure and water play can dehydrate you quite quickly. Consume plenty of water and stay away from caffeinated drinks and artificially sweetened drinks. Dehydration is the result of these beverages, so opt for water instead. Because you will perspire out a lot of hydration when you’re inside, you’ll need to drink more water than usual.

6. Know The Rules

Parks have different rules, so be sure to read all signage before letting your kids go. A water park offers all kinds of activities and slides, each suited to a different age group. Please read all safety procedures and precautions related to height, age, swimming ability, and medical condition. Please follow the rules and ask the staff for any questions you may have.

7. Be Careful Around The Pool

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement, but it’s important to remember not to run around the park to keep everyone safe. Running on slippery decks or sidewalks can be very dangerous. Avoid an unnecessary trip to the emergency room for stitches or a broken leg by simply walking instead of running while in the park.

Learn to Be Safe Around Water

Parents sometimes listen to the rules and guidelines, and then act accordingly without ever explaining to their children. Explain to your child why they must wear a life vest. Vortex USA suggests never to allow your children to swim alone and stay afar. Educate them regarding the importance of avoiding murky or deep water. Teaching your children how to be safe around water is the same as teaching them to look both ways before crossing the street. This can be accomplished by sharing the water safety tips outlined above, but putting these tips into practice will help cement these concepts and ensure your child has been prepared to swim safely.

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