5 Chainsaw Safety Tips That Beginners Must Follow

Chainsaw is a useful tool that comes in handy more often than not. If its repeated need has made you decide to buy one yourself or you are simply new to its usage, we suggest you to first read, watch, learn and only then, start using it. To find the ideal chainsaw, take a look at this handy guide from the unclutterer that will help you to choose the one for your needs.​ Because anything that can cut, whether it be a power saw or even a simple steak knife, can be dangerous. It is not our purpose to scare you, we simply want to make you aware of its safety measures. So, here are some chainsaw safety tips to follow.

1. Read the Manual

Manuals are carefully put together after much deliberation by the company’s professionals and experts to ensure your safety, not for you to toss it into the black hole. Not just chainsaw, anything you buy that has a manual, go through it at least once, it’ll only take a few minutes. Who knows, it might save you from getting injured and even from life threatening situations one day. Start small on logs and precut trees of smaller size. Get yourself acquainted with everything related to a chainsaw at chain cutting.

2. First Watch and Learn

Do not touch a chainsaw if you’ve not seen someone working with it before. It’s important to first watch how the tool works, what all needs to be done, how should one hold, handle and work with it. If you do not personally know someone who works with the tool, get help from a professional for the first few works. Watch closely as they operate the machine and also ask them for tips and tricks because they know what can go wrong and how. After that start practicing in their supervision.

3. Know Your Machine

It is always fruitful to know your machine, it’s parts, functioning, uses and also, the limitations. It’s even better to buy a chainsaw after you’ve gone through some considerations like your requirement, size of the chainsaw and its usage. Examine the machine for any loose bolts or parts before every use. It’s maintenance is highly essential, oil the holes, maintain the sharpness of the chain, keep the air filters and chain brake mechanism free from sawdust. Follow the manual for maintenance instructions and always use genuine replacement parts. Get regular servicing at a service center.

4. Wear Safety Gear

No safety gear, no working with the chainsaw. Follow this rule and you’ll always be inside the safe zone. Safety gear for using a chainsaw includes safety glasses to protect the eyes, helmet for your priceless head, headphones, so the noise does not affect your hearing ability. Gloves are also necessary for good grip, handling a chainsaw with damp hands is highly dangerous. Also be properly dressed for the task at hand, wear full sleeve clothes, chaps and a well-built pair of boots. Do not compromise with the boots, get the best one. You’ll know why.

5. Miscellaneous Steps

Besides all the written rules and instructions, there are other miscellaneous steps that you can take for extra safety. Because accidents do not follow the rules, do they? Kickback is a common concept and you have to be extra attentive to prevent it. Avoid cutting above shoulder height. Keep a well-equipped first aid box handy. Do not cut if you’re completely alone at the work sight. Do not start felling trees if you’re not experienced enough. Be patient, do not rush with this machine. Watching online tutorial videos will also pay off.Chainsaw accidents are very common, not because they are highly dangerous but because people don’t take safety seriously considering it an easily operable machine. But we should always remember that safety comes first and we should never compromise with it. Don’t try to be superman, because a real hero is the one who lives by the rules.

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