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The Battle of Traditional Vs Digital Marketing

If you are just starting your online marketing campaign then you probably have many questions on your mind regarding traditional vs. digital marketing. Often companies struggle to make the right decision that will ultimately affect their bottom line. Yet, what many company owners fail to realize is this is not even a debate; in fact, that both strategies are better for advertising your products and services. This article will briefly explore why you should use both traditional and digital marketing for your business.

The Case for Traditional Marketing

There are a few reasons why traditional marketing is more effective than digital marketing. The first reason is that traditional marketing involves the use of face-to-face interactions between a salesperson and a customer. With traditional marketing methods, there is also the possibility that the customer may go to another store or contact the same salesperson within the organization. Digital online marketing methods do not offer this level of convenience but do have a certain degree of reliability based on the fact that customers have their contact information with which they usually request assistance.

Another reason why traditional marketing tends to be more effective than digital marketing is that traditional content tends to be more valuable to a consumer than digital content. Most consumers spend time searching for information related to their needs and their businesses. With traditional content, the consumer is more likely to find relevant content that will provide them with the answers they are seeking. Because of this, a traditional website has the upper hand when it comes to getting a consumer to buy a product or service based upon the value of that website.

The Case For Digital Marketing

On the other hand, digital advertising provides marketers with a much easier and quicker way to reach their audience. Websites like TikTokStorm help brands gain more exposure and show off their products to the right type of consumer. In order to reach their audience, marketers can utilize numerous online advertising methods including text message marketing (SMS), email, video, and social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Traditional advertising campaigns require a marketer to dedicate a substantial amount of money to advertise their product or service. A traditional website may cost a significant amount of money to build and maintain. It requires a lot of work to keep up with changes in technology. Furthermore, traditional advertising campaigns are typically monitored or controlled by a company that sets rates and determines how long an ad campaign should run.

This is no longer the case when it comes to traditional vs digital marketing. With the invention of Google AdWords and Facebook Ads, a small business can create an ad campaign that will bring highly targeted visitors to their website without spending a large amount of money on advertising. Google and Facebook Ads offers small business the opportunity to take advantage of highly-targeted traffic. These ads are displayed right on the right-hand side of Google and Facebook pages, so that small business owners do not have to pay a separate company to manage or track their advertising campaign. All a small business owner has to do is set up an account, write their Google AdWords keyword and the related description, and then submit their ad to their site.

The results that these two sites offer are truly astounding. Traditional websites typically only receive a few hundred visitors every day. Compare that to the nearly one million visits that these sites receive each day, and you can see why a traditional website may not be viable for a small business owner. In addition, traditional websites have a much smaller online marketing budget than these social media sites do. The reason that traditional sites dominate the internet is that they are the most well-known and recognizable form of advertising, while social media sites are relatively new. Having a larger advertising budget allows a small business owner to compete with large corporations.


Marketers must use new methods to compete in this tough economy, and the competition for customers has never been tighter. Small marketers must find creative new ways to attract and retain customers, or they will go elsewhere to find customers. Many marketers have found that they can tap into the wealth of untapped online audiences through social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. These sites allow marketers to connect directly with their customers. They also provide a means to make a sales pitch to a captive audience. Marketers who use these new methods to compete in the traditional market will need to take advantage of the wealth of untapped online audiences, too.

Whether you want to go it alone or enlist the help of an agency, there are many ways that you can increase your marketing budget while also finding ways to bring in more online visitors. You just need to make sure that you are using the appropriate tools, and that you are testing out different platforms to find which ones draw in the most customers. No matter what method you choose, the key to success is in creating a strong strategy that incorporates the right mix of traditional television and digital platforms. Once you win the battle of traditional vs digital marketing, you will become the new king of the hill.

Written by Abhishek

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