The Correct Way To Fill Your Toddler’s Closet.

When you see your little innocent child starting school soon, you immediately feel waves of highly emotional streaks. You want to give your child everything they wish for…and everything they don’t.

It is not unnatural for new mothers to get overexcited when it comes to their children’s wardrobe. I mean, which parents doesn’t wanna see their baby girl in a glittery pink dress? We understand that when you, as a parent, go over the top with your shopping for your child. However, it is important you understand that all this loads full of shopping bags is not what your child likes or needs right now.

Some must haves for your child’s closet

When it comes to baby and toddler shopping, you only need a few important things such as

·         T-shirts.

·         Pants.

·         Shorts.

·         Onesies.

·         Shoes.

·         Socks.

·         Sleepwear.

·         Outerwear.

·         One or two formal outfits.

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What To Keep In Mind While Buying Clothes For Your Child

If choosing what I like on behalf of my child is unnecessary, then what counts as necessary? Clothes and accessories are necessary for your child but you need to keep some certain things in mind.

Get what your child would like, not you

The biggest mistake we all make is buying clothes that we find adorable instead of considering the toddler’s choice. You are not only narrowing your child’s decision making skills, but you’re also demotivating their style. Let your child choose his/her wardrobe, let them decide their style!

Beware of the sizes

I believe that the toughest part of baby and toddler shopping is the sizing complications.  Children grow up at a very surprisingly fast speed during their first two years. So, they are very likely to grow out of clothes quickly as well. So when you are shopping for your toddler, shop for clothing that will still fit in a few months.

Get your hands on vibrant coloured clothes

Adults and children have two different fashion senses. As an adult, you will be more inclined towards monochromatic and darker tones. However, your child will look much better and will prefer colourful and vibrant clothes. Colours add more colours to the child’s personality so remember to add colour to your child’s closet.

Choose comfortable fabrics

Little kids tend to get more irritated more quickly than 6-9-year-old kids. You will never see a kid more irritated and angry than when he/she is in discomfort.

Your child’s clothing fabric matters a lot. You may love that shimmery dress for your little girl, but the material will surely irritate your daughter. It is very important that you get comfortable fabric clothing for your child. Make sure your kid is not allergic to it.

Items to keep on top of your list.

Weather friendly tops. 

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