The Cultural Value of Jewish Wine Fountain

The Cultural Value of Jewish Wine Fountain

Jewish wine fountain has a significant cultural value in Jewish tradition. Jewish has a religious belief regarding the creation of the Universe. According to this belief, God took six days to create the Universe, and on the seventh day, he took a rest. This belief inspires the Jewish to work relentlessly for six days. They celebrate their work on the seventh day with their family and friends. This celebration includes the ritual of Shabbat. The Shabbat comes every week on Friday when Jewish people participate in the prayer and gather together to celebrate their existence and the journey of life. 

The ritual of Shabbat is very much significant in the lives of Jewish people as they can find a way to get relief from hard work and enjoy their existence in this beautiful world. This day motivates Jewish people to make their lives beautiful through hard labor. On the other hand, as this day binds friends and relatives together, therefore, Jewish people wait heartily for this day.

Kiddush Recitation and Jewish Wine Fountain:

The recitation of Kiddush is an important ritual of the Shabbat day. The sanctification of food and drinks occurs during the recitation of Kiddush. In general, the elder person of a family takes part in the recitation of the Kiddush over a Jewish wine fountain or Kiddush wine fountain. There is beverage such as grape juice or wine in the wine fountain. Everyone who gathers during the recitation gets an opportunity to take a sip of wine or grape juice from the Jewish wine fountain. 

Jewish people use special Kiddush cups to serve the beverage to all friends and family members. In some Jewish families, every family member has a unique cup to drink the beverage.As this wine fountain is an important part of the ritual of Kiddush recitation, therefore, the wine fountain has also a significant traditional value in Jewish culture. In other words, there is a strong connection between the celebration of Shabbat and the Jewish wine fountain. 

Artistic Value:

Manufacturers understand how Jewish wine fountain is valuable in Jewish families due to their tradition. For this reason, they prepare different types of Jewish wine fountains with elegant designs and graceful looks. In order to prepare the wine fountain, most manufacturers use silver as this medal provides effective durability. In Jewish culture, silver is hugely preferred. However, there are also other wine fountains that are made of other metals. To make the fountain usable in the Shabbat celebration and Kiddush recitation, manufacturers take care of the design and artistic value of the Jewish wine fountain


If you want to have a Jewish wine fountain, you should always consider online stores for purchasing the fountains. Online purchasing is easy and it saves your time. You can also check unlimited stocks and compare the prices of different online stores. As you can easily go through different online platforms, you can have a good idea about the price and materials. Therefore, to choose your preferred design among many wine fountains, you must purchase through online stores.

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