What Are the Best Destinations for Surf-Lovers

What Are the Best Destinations for Surf-Lovers

Beach is a traveller’s paradise. It makes us forget all our pain and rejoice in the beauty of travel. But amidst all the fun we will ever have, surfing is the most exciting of all. Whether we want to surf in the beautiful regions of Waikiki beach or Maui, it will always be an experience to cherish for a lifetime. But is it so special about surfing that one forgets everything around them? Well, it makes us happy because it is an experience of its own. As we surf, we get to stroll across the aesthetic beauty of life that is worthy of admiring forever. 

Here are some other benefits of surfing that we might need to look at: 

  • Promotes profound cardiac fitness and improves our heart rate. 
  • Improves the balance.
  • Back and muscle strength are easy to gain. 
  • Active throughout the day. 
  • Helps achieve a strong core too. 

So, if you are a risky person and love anything as much as playing at True Blue casino online, you should definitely try surfing. It is bound to come to our rescue. If you want to know the best destinations to enjoy surfing, make sure to look at the best places that are listed below. 

Maui, Hawaii 

Maui is a magical island that provides us with the best surfing spots. The tropical atmosphere, lush green trees and hiking trails are sure to make everyone come back for more every time. What is even more intriguing is that one can find an assortment of delectable restaurants to enjoy after they are done surfing around here. So, no one will ever run out of things to do once they are done surfing. Since November is the rainy season, we do not recommend surfing during this time. However, June or September are the best timings for the same. One can take a Maui bus to travel around and reach the surfing spot too. One could also play some free pokies when getting bored occasionally. But we promise there will be no time for them to do that. After you are done with surfing, you can also get to Kahului International Airport. Central Maui is also a good place for us to reside in. 

La Jolla, California 

La Jolla is by far the most beautiful beach to look at. It has the most beautiful scenery that is bound to provide the beauty of all the world. As such, we can look around and fall for the paved walkways without thinking twice. The soft sand that rubs against our feet also makes us stay back for more. The waters are also perfect to surf in, and we promise; no one will ever find a better place to experience surfing than this one. However, it is best to come here for surfing if you are an experienced ocean rider. 

If you want to surf quickly, make sure you do that without any inconvenience. It is best to go to La Jolla Shores, which is beginner-friendly and safe. You can also rent boards here for cost-effective prices and take lessons without any hindrance at all. Although it is mainly crowded and has lots of amenities, you are bound to fall in love with it for its aesthetically pleasing vibes. The restrooms are also immaculate and convenient for use. So, why worry at all? 


Portugal is famous for its beautiful beaches that pull in many surfers from all across the world. They love to come here time and again because of the dramatic coastline and picturesque setting. When you come here, you are sure to forget about everything else and immerse yourself in enjoying yourself amidst the shores. If you are a beach lover or a passionate shredder, you are bound to enjoy this like never before. 

You may also get the opportunity to enjoy the surfing camps that allow us to make interactions with different people at a time. So, if you are trying to learn how to surf, you can do it here without any issue at all. Do not worry, and no one’s ever going to judge anyone on their skills because most of the people who come here for surfing are also first-timers. The surf towns here offer unique beauty and extravagance to leave us wanting more. You can get easy train rides too when you want to travel from one place to another without any problem. Most times, it is possible to travel in around 30 minutes. However, if surfing around the Atlantic Ocean, make sure you have a wetsuit because it can get too chilly there. It is best to travel to these places during the summer months. 

Bali, Indonesia 

Bali has been the best surfing spot for several years now. The beauty and serenity that you can find here are unmatchable. What is even better is the calmness around the beaches and the relaxed ambience that adds to it. So, if you are a beach lover that is enthusiastic about trying to surf around Bali, you can do it without thinking twice. If you are worried about the prices that may cost us to be here, do not worry as it is highly economical. There is an assortment of local cafes too where you can enjoy the calming atmosphere of the beach after surfing. We promise; it will be worth it for all the right reasons. 

You can also find some of the most exotic guest houses at affordable rates in Bali. If you haven’t already travelled there, we recommend booking the guesthouses beforehand to have a convenient surfing experience without any problem. Lastly, one can meet several passionate surfers here that will help them improve their surfing skills like never before. So, why not? 

Costa Rica

If we speak to any surfer in our life, we will know why Costa Rica is perhaps the happiest place to be on earth right now. The location is famous for its beautiful beaches and golden sand that makes us forget everything else around us. Witch Rocks is also one of the best spots to surf. So, if we end up being here, do not forget to make the most of it while you have the time. We promise; you will not be disappointed at any cost. There are also a dozen number of surfing camps available for us. So, you will always have enough choices. Do not worry as you can easily find a surfing beach that suits your lifestyle and provides numerous opportunities without any inconvenience. 

The Bottom Line 

Surfing is not only the best experience ever but also the most relaxing way to enjoy life. If you have a fetish for surfing worldwide, do not forget to try out these fantastic spots. However, if you are new to the world of surfing, most people will recommend starting with Portugal or Bali. They have many beginner-friendly surfing sessions and skills to offer. So, you are likely to learn and interact with people there without any thinking. That is why we do not recommend you to wait. Get going with these beautiful destinations, and do not forget to indulge in online casinos from time to time if you want to take an unforgettable break. 

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