5 Ways to Style Shorts for Fall

5 Ways to Style Shorts for Fall

When it comes to fall fashion, you may find yourself on the cusp of layering season. But seeing that fall temperatures are nowhere near the freezing point, it is not exactly the time to wear your warmest clothes either. 

That’s where shorts can help you strike the elusive balance between flair and comfort. With this wardrobe staple, you can look stylish as the seasons change.

To help you make the most out of this fashion necessity, here are five ways to style shorts for fall. 

1. Go for the Classic Combo of Jeans and Sweatshirts

With their rugged look and cool fit, jean shorts make for a great addition to your fall wardrobe. In case you don’t have them handy, you can upcycle your wardrobe and turn an existing pair of jeans into shorts. 

If upcycling is not your thing, you can simply buy women’s denim shorts online. From there, you can pair these shorts with sweatshirts of any type, color, or design. In case you are going for a carefree autumn look, a sweatshirt with a muted color works the best. For optimal results, go for subdued grays, browns, or maroons.

2. Look Into Tights and Leggings of Different Colors

With its slightly chilly air and warm sunshine, fall creates quite an interesting situation for anyone with a sense of style. While you may want to be cozy, it’s important to remain fashion-forward. That’s where tights can help you obtain your ideal look. 

From fall patterns to nude colors, you can choose these tights in various visual options and pair them with any type of shorts. For the top, you can wear a sweatshirt as advised above. Otherwise, you can also go for a loose shirt or blouse. You can complete this look with autumn charm bracelets for the ultimate fall aesthetic. 

3. Let Your Playful Self Shine Through With Patterns

Contrary to popular belief, shorts don’t have to be a solid color at all. In fact, you can choose from various seasonal, abstract, or graphic patterns to bring another layer of style to them. If you have embraced the environmentally friendly lifestyle, you can also order these styles from sports companies with ethical production policies.

In order to bring some contrast to your outfit, pair these patterned shorts with solid-color tops. Otherwise, go the other way around and wear patterned shirts with regular shorts. This approach allows you to choose from a variety of options. While wearing these patterns, you can also go for a glam makeup palette to tie your fall look together.

5 Ways to Style Shorts for Fall

4. Throw on a Blazer for a Sharp Aesthetic

When trying to style a pair of shorts amid fall, you can sharpen your look with a blazer. This particular approach works best with a dark-colored blazer and a lighter top underneath. This means that you can choose between luscious black and rich brown blazers alike. 

Ideally, your shorts should remain the same color as your blazer. But that is not a necessity at all. In case you don’t have any issues with shiny fabrics, wearing a silk blouse that stays in line with the fall color palette would also elevate this look. To spruce up these visuals further, consider putting on multichrome nail polish that includes fall colors and rich greens.

5. Boots, Boots, and More Boots

Did we say boots? On a serious note, styling your shorts with a pair of knee-high boots gives you an effortlessly chic look. This aesthetic is also perfect for the fall season, especially if you want a cozy yet upbeat air about you. 

The ideal shorts to wear in this style are khakis, whites, or plain cotton pairs. A comfortable beanie or faux fur hat can also work in your favor. If you want to accessorize a little more, try looking for a soft scarf or seasonal jewelry. For instance, a maple leaf necklace can easily pull together the different elements of autumn in your outfit. 

By looking through these tips, you can easily style your shorts for fall in the perfect manner. This not only lets you make the most out of the season, but also goes a long way towards utilizing your wardrobe staples.

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